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Catch Us Giving is a customer service recognition program developed exclusively for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and its facility partners.  The program has a key foundation of public involvement to “catch” Airport employees giving great customer service.  Those who are caught are eligible for incentives and airport-wide recognition. 


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Nomination:   I am the Volunteer Services Coordinator for St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission. One of our 2nd shift volunteers at the Visitor Center emailed me about a good deed  Mary Ellen did for a traveler who stopped by the Visitor Center on 9/15/15 during her shift between 10A-2P.   Here are the comments from the afternoon volunteer:

"As I was checking in today, Mary Ellen was on phone with a traveler who had earlier left behind in the baggage area, a small briefcase containing personal meds. Mary Ellen paged for the person, but no response so she turned them into SWA. The person subsequently called the booth.  Mary Ellen tried to arrange for SWA to deliver, but they were apparently unable to do so. Mary Ellen personally delivered  the meds to the person at their Chesterfield hotel"I then received a thank you note for Mary Ellen in care of me.  The note said: "When we learned that you had personally delivered Jack's leather pouch with the medications, we were overwhelmed. Thank you is very inadequate but know we were so blessed by your generous efforts to assist us."

Mary Ellen lives in Ferguson and delivered the briefcase or pouch to the traveler's hotel in Chesterfield, so she went out of her way to make sure the traveler's had their meds.


THOMAS RYBA, CODY MOSER -  Trans States Airlines

Nomination:  Captain Thomas Ryba deserves praise for what he did for me and my family. It was truly above and beyond the call of duty. We will forever be grateful.  On Thursday, August 20, 2015, myself and 3 daughters were scheduled to fly to Houston, TX on United flight 2910E, leaving at 8:40am form gate A14. When we arrived at gate A4, we saw that was changed to gate A18. It was then announced the flight would be late leaving due to mechanical maintenance.  After waiting 45 minutes, we boarded and taxied from the gate to stop on the tarmac for an hour due to bad weather in Houston, so we were taxied back to the gate. We again deplaned, reclaimed our luggage and waited in the airport.

The ticket agent told us there was another flight (which had been scheduled to leave at 10:00am) and now leaving at 1pm with four seats available.   She was in the process of taking us off flight UA 2910E and putting us on this 1:00pm flight (issuing boarding passes) when the flight attendant came up to the agent and told her flight UA2910E was re-boarding and would be leaving as soon as we all were back on board. 

We had to make a decision quickly and decided to re-board flight UA2910E.  The agent put us back on UA2910E, again issuing new boarding passes and rechecking carry-on luggage. We again boarded flight UA2910E and taxied out on the tarmac. We stopped because they had no gate in Houston for us to land. After waiting 45 minutes, the flight was canceled and we were told we could probably get out the next day.

We were so upset, we had to get to Houston that day. My 55 year old son had passes away suddenly on Tuesday, August 18th, and the viewing was that evening with funeral and burial scheduled for 9:00am on Friday, August 21st. The flight attendant asked the passengers to let us off first and try to get in line for another flight. When we got out of the tunnel, the line had about fifteen people in it and we had to wait our turn. One of my daughters found a Customer Service Rep who took her to Gate A14, to help her get another flight. Unknown to us the pilot from UA2910E had contacted the pilot of the plane that was to have left at 10:00 something, and again at 1:00pm and was finally leaving at 2:00pm and told him of our situation.

The pilot of this plane, Captain Thomas Ryba had already left the gate and taxied back to the gate to get us. He got off the plane, came up the tunnel to the waiting area to personally greet us and take us on board. He also saw to it that my checked luggage was pulled off flight UA 2910E and brought to his plane so that all of our luggage arrived in Houston with us.  Captain Thomas Ryba and also the Captain of flight UA2910E, working together, mad our emotional and upsetting situation a wonderful story. We would like to thank both of them!  We absolutely understand that this is not something to be taken lightly and that once a plane door is closed it is almost never re-opened. We are also thankful to the passengers on the plane that were delayed by the return to pick us up.

Each time we tell this story (and we’ve told it many times) the first question is always, “Which airline were you flying”… and we say “United Airlines.”




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