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Catch Us Giving is a customer service recognition program developed exclusively for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and its facility partners.  The program has a key foundation of public involvement to “catch” Airport employees giving great customer service.  Those who are caught are eligible for incentives and airport wide-recognition. 


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Celia Pastore, Information Booth Services

Nomination:  I just wanted to let know what a great employee you have in Celia who works in the St.Louis airport. I left my laptop in a taxi and realized it after I checked in. When I realized it Celia saw the look on my face and immediately came to me and asked what was wrong. I explained to her what I had done. Fortunately the taxi was dropping people off at another terminal. Celia took the time to help me get a shuttle over to the other terminal, coached me how to get back and where to find the taxi, which I found and was able to recover my laptop. When I got back to my terminal, she escorted me through security to assure I made my flight. What a great thing she did and I couldn't thank her enough. I sincerely hope you find the time to acknowledge the good deed she did. Thank you again Celia!

Viet Vu, Transportation Security Administration

Nomination: A 79 year old Southwest passenger named Dat mistakenly got off in St. Louis on a straight-through flight to Philadelphia, because he thought he was in Philadelphia. He walked out through the exit and realized he needed to get back in through Security and catch another flight. He was Vietnamese and spoke NO English. Viet Vu helped him get a ticket to Philadelphia for the next day, and Southwest gave Dat a hotel voucher for the night. Viet waited outside for the hotel shuttle with Dat for 30 mins, which never came. Dat said he didn't want to go to the hotel because he was worried he wouldn't get back to the airport in time for his flight because he spoke no English and was feeling very confused. Viet brought him back in and told Southwest he was going to stay in the airport, and Southwest gave Dat food vouchers. Viet got Dat settled in at one of the gates and gave him his personal cell phone in case he needed any more help. Viet went above and beyond for this man. His compassion and dedication to resolve this traveler's issues and make him feel less confused and more safe was extraordinary and I am proud to wear the same badge as Viet.



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