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Airport Authority
Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is owned and operated by the City of St. Louis. The City of St. Louis Personnel Department coordinates all job listings. Please call or follow the link to find more information about current jobs at Lambert.
  Check with each airline in which you are interested. Airlines are located on the upper levels of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.                                                              

Concessions, Tenants and Airport Service Providers

Airport Terminal Services
Handles passenger service, ground/ramp services and aircraft fueling. Apply online at www.workatATS.com

Allied Aviation Fueling:

Handles aircraft fueling services. Phone: (314) 426-6222.

ABM/Super Park:

Handles the parking garages, shuttle services and parking lots at Lambert. MAIL RESUME ONLY to: Central Parking Corporation; P.O. Box 10306; Lambert Station; St. Louis, MO 63145-0212 U.S.A. Phone: (314) 890-2800

Flight Services and Systems:

Baggage cart concessionaire. For employment information contact FSS. Phone: (314) 810-2126.


G2 Secure Staff handles Skycap, wheelchair, bag runner and ticket verification services for American Airlines. Phone: (314) 427-9408

HMS Host:

Master food and beverage concessionaire. Operates restaurants throughout the Airport. HMSHost: The industry leader in food, beverage and retail concessions- Apply on line for career opportunities at www.hmshost.com.

Hudson Group:

Master news and gift concessionaire. Operates news and gift stores, as well as specialty stores, throughout the Airport. The Hudson Group office is located on the lower level of Terminal 1.  Phone: (314) 426-2503.

Huntleigh Corporation:

Handles Skycap, bag runner and wheelchair services in Terminal 1. Phone: (314) 429-1170.

Air Serv:

Wheelchair services, bag runner and gate assist services. (314) 704-7637. STL Jobs Information

OHM Concession Group:

Food and beverage concessionaire. Operates the Pasta House in Terminal 2, as well as several other restaurants throughout the Airport as a DBE sub-tenant of HMS Host. For employment information contact OHM Concession Group, LLC.  Phone: (314) 209-9200.

Rental Car Agencies:

Rental car companies are located in Terminal 1, mid-level near baggage claim. For employment information, contact each individual rental car company.


For employment information, inquire at the shoeshine stands.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration):

Apply on-line at www.tsa.gov or usajobs.com

US Bank/Airport Banking Center:

Banking concession. Lambert International Airport Branch. Located in Terminal 1, mid-level. For employment opportunities, apply on-line at www.usbank.com.

Whelan Security:

The office is located in the Main Terminal behind the Post Office. Phone: (314) 426-8112


Free Cell Phone Lots

Avoid parking fees the next time you pick up a passenger. Lambert provides free waiting zones for motorists near each terminal.

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