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Flight Information Arrivals & Departures

Flight information is for flights scheduled within the next 12 hours.

MiamiAmerican246210:11 PMArrived1C123
PhoenixSouthwest20819:55 PMArrived2E201
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest15410:15 PMArrived2E141
DenverSouthwest238010:10 PMArrived2E82
DenverFRONTIER28410:37 PMArrived1C191
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest401910:50 PMArrived2E42
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican137211:06 PMArrived1C8NULL
Chicago O HareAmerican Eagle428111:26 PMArrived1C15NULL
Las VegasSouthwest356512:35 AMOn Time2E16
OmahaSouthwest31397:30 AMOn Time2E12
Cape GirardeauCape Air11227:40 AMOn Time1C7
Kansas CitySouthwest19767:40 AMOn Time2E4
QuincyCape Air11427:45 AMOn Time1C7
Oklahoma CitySouthwest2067:45 AMOn Time2E20
MarionCape Air11027:50 AMOn Time1C7
Washington-DCASouthwest17447:55 AMOn Time2E6
Houston-HOUSouthwest4008:00 AMOn Time2E16
San AntonioSouthwest5188:00 AMOn Time2E24
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest27688:00 AMOn Time2E8
New OrleansSouthwest42058:00 AMOn Time2E14
NashvilleSouthwest49878:00 AMOn Time2E22
KirksvilleCape Air11648:05 AMOn Time1C7
JonesboroAir Choice One27008:15 AMOn Time1C1
MinneapolisSouthwest10578:15 AMOn Time2E10
Grand RapidsUnited36458:18 AMOn Time1A186
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican3058:20 AMOn Time1C10
BaltimoreSouthwest14918:20 AMOn Time2E18
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11808:22 AMOn Time1C7
OwensboroCape Air12528:25 AMOn Time1C7
Burlington,IAAir Choice One29078:30 AMOn Time1C1
BostonSouthwest38318:35 AMOn Time2E12
New York-LGASouthwest27768:50 AMOn Time2E20
AtlantaDelta23098:59 AM1A65
NewarkSouthwest6429:00 AMOn Time2E22
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest36109:05 AMOn Time2E4
OrlandoSouthwest9159:10 AMOn Time2E16
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest9689:15 AMOn Time2E24
Houston-IAHUnited44059:28 AMOn Time1A6
Chicago O HareUnited34109:29 AMOn Time1A6
Grand RapidsSouthwest3179:35 AMOn Time2E8
ColumbusSouthwest6839:35 AMOn Time2E14
DetroitSouthwest7749:35 AMOn Time2E12
Raleigh/DurhamSouthwest19679:35 AMOn Time2E6
PhiladelphiaSouthwest22509:35 AMOn Time2E18
DetroitDelta55829:35 AM1A35
Washington-IADUnited34209:39 AMOn Time1A6
Washington-DCAAmerican27809:45 AMOn Time1C8
New York-LGAAmerican28099:48 AMOn Time1C12NULL
CincinnatiDelta33989:49 AM1A85
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican969:55 AMOn Time1C6
NewarkUnited346710:10 AMOn Time1A6
HuntsvilleUS Airways550410:31 AMOn Time
OrlandoSouthwest42910:35 AMOn Time2E10
AtlantaDelta157010:40 AM1A65
Cedar RapidsUnited338910:47 AMOn Time1A6
New York-LGADelta628310:48 AM1A65
Chicago O HareAmerican Eagle436710:50 AMOn Time1C6
BaltimoreSouthwest365210:50 AMOn Time2E22
AtlantaAir Tran117911:00 AMOn Time
DenverUnited368811:07 AMOn Time1A6
TampaSouthwest79211:10 AMOn Time2E20
HartfordUS Airways592012:41 PMOn Time
MinneapolisDelta39911:27 AM1A25
QuincyCape Air114611:30 AMOn Time1C7
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle428511:30 AMOn Time1C16
Kansas CitySouthwest207311:35 AMOn Time2E24
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air118611:37 AMOn Time1C7
Los AngelesAmerican168611:45 AMOn Time1C6
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest59711:50 AMOn Time2E4
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican19511:55 AMOn Time1C12
Houston-HOUSouthwest198310:05 PMDeparted2E14
DetroitUnited33445:15 AMOn Time1A21
ProvidenceUS Airways19905:59 AMOn Time
CharlotteUS Airways17565:59 AMOn Time1C24
DenverUnited36806:00 AMOn Time1A19
AtlantaDelta11796:00 AMAt Gate1A6
WichitaUnited52836:02 AMOn Time1A14
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican3756:05 AMOn Time1C10
Las VegasSouthwest41276:05 AMOn Time2E29
CancunFRONTIER0166:10 AMOn Time1C23
San DiegoSouthwest2056:10 AMOn Time2E20
MiamiAmerican10536:11 AMOn Time1C12
New York-LGADelta62886:19 AMAt Gate1A8
BaltimoreSouthwest9706:25 AMOn Time2E22
NewarkUnited45086:30 AMOn Time1A18
DenverFRONTIER2876:40 AMOn Time1C19
Chicago O HareUnited36326:43 AMOn Time1A14
New York-LGAAmerican28476:45 AMOn Time1C8
DetroitDelta62086:45 AMAt Gate1A4
Chicago O HareAmerican Eagle43087:00 AMOn Time1C6
BirminghamSouthwest6577:00 AMOn Time2E24
PhoenixSouthwest6997:00 AMOn Time2E4
MinneapolisDelta18967:00 AMAt Gate1A2
OrlandoSouthwest10137:05 AMOn Time2E8
ColumbusUS Airways57217:10 AMOn Time1C16
Houston-IAHUnited52707:13 AMOn Time1A19
AtlantaAir Tran10447:15 AMOn Time
AtlantaDelta10807:15 AMAt Gate1A10
San FranciscoUnited49757:30 AMOn Time1A16
PhoenixUS Airways6057:30 AMOn Time
Chicago O HareAmerican11997:30 AMOn Time1C10
TampaSouthwest9857:30 AMOn Time2E10
Oklahoma CitySouthwest6627:40 AMOn Time2E14
New York-LGASouthwest9747:45 AMOn Time2E16
DetroitUnited36427:56 AMOn Time1A19
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican11418:00 AMOn Time1C12
Southwest8698:00 AMOn Time2E18
Salt Lake CityDelta48448:00 AMAt Gate1A3
Washington-IADUnited34118:19 AMOn Time1A18
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle43548:20 AMOn Time1C6
Orange CountySouthwest31398:20 AMOn Time2E12
Houston-IAHUnited52778:34 AMOn Time1A14
Washington-DCASouthwest2068:35 AMOn Time2E20
BaltimoreSouthwest4008:35 AMOn Time2E16
DenverSouthwest5188:35 AMOn Time2E24
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest17448:35 AMOn Time2E6
BostonSouthwest27688:35 AMOn Time2E8
San FranciscoSouthwest42058:35 AMOn Time2E14
CincinnatiDelta62428:35 AM1A8
DetroitSouthwest19768:40 AMOn Time2E4
PhoenixSouthwest49878:50 AMOn Time2E22
DenverUnited36838:54 AMOn Time1A16
NewarkSouthwest2638:55 AMOn Time2E18
DecaturAir Choice One25029:00 AMOn Time1C1
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican3059:00 AMOn Time1C8
Los AngelesAmerican15679:05 AMOn Time1C10
TampaSouthwest7729:05 AMOn Time2E12
BaltimoreSouthwest10579:05 AMOn Time2E10
PhiladelphiaSouthwest28659:20 AMOn Time2E20
QuincyCape Air11419:25 AMOn Time1C7
Kansas CityUS Airways18909:25 AMOn Time
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11819:30 AMOn Time1C7
Chicago O HareAmerican13529:30 AMOn Time1C6
DenverSouthwest6429:30 AMOn Time2E22
Houston-HOUSouthwest33909:35 AMOn Time2E16
AtlantaDelta23099:39 AM1A10
ProvidenceSouthwest7879:45 AMOn Time2E24
NashvilleSouthwest36109:45 AMOn Time2E4
HartfordUS Airways42129:52 AMOn Time1C16
Chicago O HareUnited34109:59 AMOn Time1A
Burlington,IAAir Choice One262210:00 AMOn Time1C1
Houston-IAHUnited440510:04 AMOn Time1A
DenverSouthwest31710:10 AMOn Time2E8
PhoenixSouthwest68310:10 AMOn Time2E14
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest77410:10 AMOn Time2E12
Washington-DCASouthwest196710:10 AMOn Time2E6
BaltimoreSouthwest225010:10 AMOn Time2E18
DetroitDelta558210:15 AM1A3
Washington-DCAAA Connection347210:25 AMOn Time1C8
New York-LGADelta372010:25 AM1A6
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican9610:35 AMOn Time1C6
New York-LGAAmerican280910:35 AMOn Time1C12
MarionCape Air110310:40 AMOn Time1C7
NewarkUnited346710:45 AMOn Time1A
TulsaUnited336510:52 AMOn Time1A
Cape GirardeauCape Air112311:00 AMOn Time1C7
Charleston,SCUS Airways558011:05 AMOn Time
KirksvilleCape Air116511:15 AMOn Time1C7
Washington-IADUnited341311:17 AMOn Time1A
New York-LGASouthwest38911:20 AMOn Time2E22
PhoenixSouthwest42911:20 AMOn Time2E10
Chicago O HareAmerican Eagle436711:25 AMOn Time1C6
New York-JFKDelta623911:25 AM1A3
AtlantaDelta157011:30 AM1A6
DenverUnited368811:42 AMOn Time1A
OwensboroCape Air125511:45 AMOn Time1C7
JacksonvilleUS Airways57321:00 PMOn Time
San FranciscoSouthwest79211:45 AMOn Time2E20
AtlantaAir Tran18011:55 AMOn Time
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air118512:00 PMOn Time1C7


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