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Flight Information Arrivals & Departures

Flight information is for flights scheduled within the next 12 hours.

QuincyCape Air11427:36 AMOn Time1C7
Cape GirardeauCape Air11227:38 AMOn Time1C7
AtlantaSouthwest21537:40 AMOn Time2E4
MarionCape Air11027:50 AMOn Time1C7
JonesboroAir Choice One27008:00 AMOn Time1C1
KirksvilleCape Air11648:05 AMOn Time1C7
Oklahoma CitySouthwest16158:05 AMOn Time2E8
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest35428:05 AMOn Time2E6
Houston-HOUSouthwest39408:05 AMOn Time2E12
Kansas CitySouthwest46108:05 AMOn Time2E10
AustinSouthwest39558:10 AMOn Time2E20
OmahaSouthwest43698:10 AMOn Time2E16
Chicago O HareAA Connection36768:21 AMOn Time1C83
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11808:22 AMOn Time1C7
OwensboroCape Air12528:23 AMOn Time1C7
Burlington,IAAir Choice One29078:30 AMOn Time1C12
NewarkUnited41988:39 AMOn Time1A166
Fort DodgeAir Choice One22088:40 AMOn Time1C12
Washington-DCASouthwest9458:40 AMOn Time2E14
AtlantaDelta23098:45 AMOn Time1A105
BostonSouthwest6688:50 AMOn Time2E22
New York-LGASouthwest46259:00 AMOn Time2E18
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle42929:03 AMOn Time1C123
IndianapolisUS Airways45249:25 AMOn Time1C184
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest44309:25 AMOn Time2E6
BaltimoreSouthwest11409:30 AMOn Time2E8
Washington-IADUnited34209:32 AMOn Time1A146
ColumbusSouthwest9929:35 AMOn Time2E10
DetroitSouthwest8939:40 AMOn Time2E4
Raleigh/DurhamSouthwest42619:40 AMOn Time2E12
PhiladelphiaSouthwest43209:40 AMOn Time2E16
OrlandoSouthwest45699:40 AMOn Time2E20
QuincyCape Air114610:04 AMOn Time1C7
Chicago O HareAmerican35810:14 AMOn Time1C103
TorontoAir Canada798510:15 AMOn Time1A6
Charleston,WVUnited608310:22 AMOn Time1A166
MinneapolisDelta582510:30 AMOn Time1A45
AtlantaSouthwest155210:35 AMOn Time2E14
Jackson,TNAir Choice One230610:55 AMOn Time1C1
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle436011:17 AMOn Time1C83
TampaSouthwest408011:20 AMOn Time2E22
New York-LGADelta364911:24 AMOn Time1A65
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air118611:37 AMOn Time1C7
OrlandoSouthwest182711:40 AMOn Time2E18
San AntonioSouthwest420711:45 AMOn Time2E4
Houston-HOUSouthwest488411:45 AMOn Time2E6
Los AngelesAmerican125811:46 AMOn Time1C103
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest101111:50 AMOn Time2E8
Kansas CitySouthwest171411:50 AMOn Time2E12
New OrleansSouthwest206411:50 AMOn Time2E20
TulsaSouthwest417111:50 AMOn Time2E16
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican9611:59 AMOn Time1C123
BostonUS Airways75612:05 PMOn Time1C244
AtlantaDelta142312:09 PMOn Time1A105
Chicago O HareAA Connection313612:11 PMOn Time1C83
BaltimoreSouthwest335712:15 PMOn Time2E10
Los AngelesSouthwest471012:15 PMOn Time2E14
Corpus ChristiUnited445612:21 PMOn Time1A186
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest92812:30 PMOn Time2E18
MarionCape Air110812:35 PMOn Time1C7
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle412912:59 PMOn Time1C163
QuincyCape Air11501:01 PMOn Time1C7
DetroitDelta62251:03 PMOn Time1A8
DenverUnited33951:09 PMOn Time1A216
PhiladelphiaUS Airways37311:18 PMOn Time1C184
NewarkUnited46281:19 PMOn Time1A196
Ft LauderdaleSouthwest39101:20 PMOn Time2E22
Washington-DCASouthwest18881:25 PMOn Time2E4
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican3261:30 PMOn Time1C83
Salt Lake CityDelta47561:30 PMDelay-10:54 AM1A2
CancunFRONTIER0171:35 PMOn Time2E31
Ft. MyersSouthwest31231:40 PMOn Time2E8
Las VegasSouthwest40641:40 PMOn Time2E12
PhoenixUS Airways6521:47 PMOn Time1C244
Cape GirardeauCape Air11321:48 PMOn Time1C7
Washington-IADUnited33571:50 PMOn Time1A186
AtlantaUnited55081:53 PMOn Time1A166
San FranciscoSouthwest41931:55 PMOn Time2E20
KirksvilleCape Air11722:00 PMOn Time1C7
PhoenixSouthwest7382:05 PMOn Time2E16
NewarkSouthwest7622:10 PMOn Time2E10
DenverSouthwest48592:10 PMOn Time2E6
NashvilleSouthwest31762:15 PMOn Time2E14
PittsburghAmerican Eagle40802:16 PMOn Time1C163
MinneapolisDelta25812:33 PMOn Time1A6
PhiladelphiaSouthwest14542:35 PMOn Time2E18
OwensboroCape Air12622:42 PMOn Time1C7
AtlantaDelta20842:44 PMOn Time1A10
DecaturAir Choice One25132:45 PMOn Time1C12
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle43662:50 PMOn Time1C83
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest18502:50 PMOn Time2E22
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11882:52 PMOn Time1C7
Chicago O HareAmerican Eagle42672:56 PMOn Time1C123
Houston-IAHUnited38113:00 PMOn Time1A196
Fort DodgeAir Choice One22103:10 PMOn Time1C12
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican2043:15 PMOn Time1C103
Chicago O HareUnited37063:20 PMOn Time1A186
New York-LGASouthwest39343:20 PMOn Time2E4
CharlotteUS Airways45563:33 PMOn Time1C24
MarionCape Air11123:38 PMOn Time1C7
Rapid CityUnited54803:50 PMOn Time1A146
QuincyCape Air11563:53 PMOn Time1C7
Portland,ORAlaska Airlines34324:05 PMOn Time1C152
BaltimoreSouthwest15334:05 PMOn Time2E8
DenverSouthwest11324:10 PMOn Time2E12
Chicago O HareAmerican16525:05 AMOn Time1C8
Chicago O HareUnited34125:35 AMOn Time1A21
OrlandoSouthwest11435:45 AMOn Time2E6
TulsaUnited36805:50 AMOn Time1A19
JacksonvilleUS Airways19035:59 AMOn Time1C24
MinneapolisDelta61416:00 AMDelay-6:16 AMPPAD
AtlantaDelta11796:00 AMAt Gate1A10
JacksonvilleUnited34186:02 AMOn Time1A21
MiamiAmerican13686:05 AMOn Time1C12
CancunFRONTIER0166:15 AMOn Time1C19
SeattleAlaska Airlines7116:25 AMOn Time1C15
San DiegoSouthwest9026:25 AMOn Time2E8
Ft LauderdaleSouthwest33856:25 AMOn Time2E4
AlbanyUnited45086:30 AMOn Time1A14
Chicago O HareAmerican11996:35 AMOn Time1C10
Salt Lake CityDelta9876:35 AMAt Gate1A2
San FranciscoUnited64217:00 AMOn Time1A18
MinneapolisDelta22647:00 AMAt Gate1A6
New York-LGASouthwest41737:05 AMOn Time2E12
PhiladelphiaUS Airways46277:10 AMOn Time1C18
Akron/CantonSouthwest8327:10 AMOn Time2E10
AtlantaDelta10807:10 AMAt Gate1A4
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle41297:15 AMOn Time1C8
New York-LGADelta62887:15 AMAt Gate1A8
PhoenixUS Airways5317:30 AMOn Time1C16
Ft LauderdaleSouthwest29837:30 AMOn Time2E20
NashvilleUS Airways8507:40 AMOn Time1C24
Houston-HOUSouthwest7847:45 AMOn Time2E16
Chicago O HareUnited51787:55 AMOn Time1A16
Chicago O HareAmerican15857:55 AMOn Time1C28
Los AngelesSouthwest46547:55 AMOn Time2E14
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican14428:00 AMOn Time1C10
Los AngelesAmerican15678:00 AMOn Time1C12
QuincyCape Air11578:02 AMOn Time1C7
Las VegasSouthwest47268:05 AMOn Time2E18
Ft. MyersSouthwest21538:15 AMOn Time2E4
Charleston,SCUnited33428:25 AMOn Time1A14
BuffaloDelta62188:35 AMOn Time1A3
DenverUnited33698:43 AMOn Time1A19
BaltimoreSouthwest16158:45 AMOn Time2E8
OmahaSouthwest39408:45 AMOn Time2E12
MinneapolisSouthwest43698:45 AMOn Time2E16
Washington-DCASouthwest39558:50 AMOn Time2E20
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11818:56 AMOn Time1C7
Chicago O HareAA Connection36768:56 AMOn Time1C8
DecaturAir Choice One25029:00 AMOn Time1C1
OrlandoSouthwest35429:00 AMOn Time2E6
BostonSouthwest46109:00 AMOn Time2E10
NewarkUnited45219:09 AMOn Time1A16
OttawaUnited33679:12 AMOn Time1A18
Chicago-MidwaySouthwest9459:15 AMOn Time2E14
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican3239:25 AMOn Time1C10
AtlantaDelta23099:26 AMOn Time1A10
New York-LGASouthwest46249:35 AMOn Time2E18
Fort DodgeAir Choice One22099:45 AMOn Time1C1
San AntonioSouthwest6689:45 AMOn Time2E22
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle43779:55 AMOn Time1C12
PhiladelphiaUS Airways45929:55 AMOn Time1C18
Burlington,IAAir Choice One262210:00 AMOn Time1C1
PittsburghAmerican Eagle407710:00 AMOn Time1C16
ColumbusUnited334410:02 AMOn Time1A19
Las VegasSouthwest89310:20 AMOn Time2E4
AlbuquerqueSouthwest114010:20 AMOn Time2E8
PensacolaSouthwest426110:20 AMOn Time2E12
TampaSouthwest432010:20 AMOn Time2E16
SacramentoSouthwest456910:20 AMOn Time2E20
San AntonioSouthwest443010:25 AMOn Time2E6
MarionCape Air110310:35 AMOn Time1C7
TorontoAir Canada798610:45 AMOn Time1A21
KirksvilleCape Air116310:50 AMOn Time1C7
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican35810:55 AMOn Time1C10
QuincyCape Air114310:59 AMOn Time1C7
TampaSouthwest346411:00 AMOn Time2E10
MinneapolisDelta582511:00 AMOn Time1A4
Cape GirardeauCape Air112311:05 AMOn Time1C7
Chicago O HareUnited382811:15 AMOn Time1A16
OwensboroCape Air125511:45 AMOn Time1C7
Los AngelesSouthwest195911:45 AMOn Time2E14
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle437511:48 AMOn Time1C8
BaltimoreSouthwest408011:55 AMOn Time2E22
New York-LGADelta372312:00 PMOn Time1A6
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air118512:07 PMOn Time1C7
OrlandoSouthwest157912:25 PMOn Time2E18
RenoSouthwest420712:25 PMOn Time2E4
Los AngelesAmerican125812:29 PMOn Time1C10
Las VegasSouthwest101112:30 PMOn Time2E8
Grand RapidsSouthwest171412:30 PMOn Time2E12
San DiegoSouthwest206412:30 PMOn Time2E16
NashvilleSouthwest417112:30 PMOn Time2E20
PhiladelphiaSouthwest488412:30 PMOn Time2E6
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican5012:39 PMOn Time1C12
CharlotteUS Airways180212:50 PMOn Time1C24
West Palm BeachUS Airways187512:50 PMOn Time1C24
Chicago O HareAA Connection313612:50 PMOn Time1C8
AtlantaDelta142312:50 PMOn Time1A10
NewarkUnited474912:51 PMOn Time1A18
Ft LauderdaleSouthwest335712:55 PMOn Time2E10
Houston-HOUSouthwest291:05 PMOn Time2E14
ClevelandSouthwest7871:05 PMOn Time2E18
QuincyCape Air11471:26 PMOn Time1C7
MarionCape Air11071:35 PMOn Time1C7
Washington-IADUnited33701:39 PMOn Time1A14
New York-LGAAmerican Eagle41251:40 PMOn Time1C16
PhiladelphiaUS Airways37311:43 PMOn Time1C18
Chicago O HareUnited59801:49 PMOn Time1A19
Houston-HOUSouthwest39121:55 PMOn Time2E22
BaltimoreSouthwest18882:00 PMOn Time2E4
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican3262:10 PMOn Time1C8
Salt Lake CityDelta47562:10 PMOn Time1A2
Houston-IAHUnited33572:25 PMOn Time1A18
PhoenixUS Airways6442:30 PMOn Time1C24
TampaSouthwest13522:30 PMOn Time2E8
Los AngelesSouthwest40282:30 PMOn Time2E12
CalgaryUnited51932:40 PMOn Time1A16
DenverSouthwest7382:40 PMOn Time2E16
BaltimoreSouthwest41932:40 PMOn Time2E20
ProvidenceSouthwest48592:50 PMOn Time2E6
Dallas Love FieldSouthwest7622:55 PMOn Time2E10
Las VegasSouthwest31762:55 PMOn Time2E14
QuincyCape Air11413:00 PMOn Time1C7
Washington-DCASouthwest12663:10 PMOn Time2E18
MinneapolisDelta25813:17 PMOn Time1A6
Ft Leonard WoodCape Air11873:30 PMOn Time1C7
Las VegasSouthwest18503:30 PMOn Time2E22
AtlantaDelta20843:30 PMOn Time1A10
Las VegasFRONTIER11333:35 PMOn Time1C19
NewarkUnited45433:35 PMOn Time1A19
Chicago O HareAmerican Eagle43663:45 PMOn Time1C12
Washington-DCAAmerican Eagle42673:55 PMOn Time1C8
OmahaSouthwest39343:55 PMOn Time2E4
Dallas-Ft. WorthAmerican2044:00 PMOn Time1C10
DetroitDelta62534:00 PMOn Time1A8
CharlotteUS Airways45564:10 PMOn Time1C24


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