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Airport Information

The Airport Information booth is located in Terminal 1 between baggage claim carousels 4 and 5. It provides assistance to passengers and other airport visitors with information on baggage claim locations, ticket counters, meeting areas, ground transportation directions, hotel shuttle services and more.
Hours of operation: 7 a.m. –11 p.m. daily or call (314) 890-1333. 


Lambert-St. Louis International Airport offers Wi-Fi (wireless Internet service) to allow our passengers and visitors to stay connected to home or office. Enjoy high-speed connectivity using your credit card or an existing account with a number of roaming partners. Lambert’s Wi-Fi system is provided by Boingo.

Access cost is $7.95 per day, charged upon connection (with access up to 24 continuous hours) for users who do not have a Wi-Fi subscription. This is a flat fee; it is not pro-rated. Wi-Fi users can access service across a majority of areas in the terminals and concourses at Lambert. Plus, it enables full internet access at over 60,000 more locations for the same time period.

Users who already have a wireless access subscription may access the Internet using their own provider accounts.

Free Websites
Users can access the Lambert website for no charge. This allows users to get the latest airline arrival and departures, travel guides and food and beverage information for free. Users at the Airport can also access several St. Louis travel and tourism websites for free: Explore St. Louis, St. Louis Gateway Arch, St. Louis Metro (Bus and Rail), St. Louis Regional Commerce and Growth Association and the St. Louis Downtown Partnership. These links are displayed on the main Wi-Fi welcome page.

To access the Internet:
Enable Wi-Fi device. Launch your Internet Browser. If you do not see the “Welcome to Wi-Fi, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport” page, then you can configure your network by changing the wireless SSID (or network identifier) to “boingo” (no quotes, lowercase). If you do not have an existing account, you can signup for a full day (up to 24 hours) session for $7.95 or you can choose a subscription option.

For Help, call toll-free 1-800-880-4117 or contact your wireless internet provider.

Visitors Information Booth

The St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission operates booths in both Lambert terminals in the baggage claim areas, offering advice, information and directions for events and attractions in the St. Louis Area. For St. Louis visitor information call 1-800-916-8938, Monday-Friday and (314) 423-5855, Weekends 9 a.m. –5 p.m.  www.explorestlouis.com

Airport Paging

One-way paging is done daily from 7a.m. –11:00 p.m. at the information/paging booth, call (314) 890-1333. One-way paging means that there are no courtesy phones for the paged person to use to respond. A one-way message can be broadcast in either terminal and on any of the concourses.


The James S. McDonnell USO is located in Terminal 1 across from baggage carousel M6. A USO satellite facility is located in the lower level of Terminal 2. The USO serves more than 100,000 military visitors every year at Lambert. Military visitors receive free food and soft drinks. They also have access to rest and sleep areas, television viewing, a computer center and free luggage storage.

The Terminal 1 USO is open 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The Terminal 2 Satellite USO is open 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon-Fri.

The USO is staffed by a group of 560 volunteers. Each shift is staffed with 2 to 6 volunteers. USO funding is 100% from private tax-deductible contributions. President Franklin D. Roosevelt started the USO on February 4, 1941. The USO has been at the Airport since September 14, 1981.

For more information on services, volunteering or donations, call the James S. McDonnell USO at
(314) 429-1234 or log onto www.usomissouri.org.

  Business Meetings and Social Event Rental Spaces


Weddings at the airport?  Conferences? Private client meetings? Absolutely.  Lambert-Louis International Airport has expanded its offerings of special event, business, and private gathering spaces with sweeping views of the airfield, expert catering services, and peak amenities.  With spaces up to 26,000 square feet, Lambert can offer rooms and event services for most any function. Each space offers easy access and options for free or reduced parking.

Download the full list of rental space options here.  

Or contact Barbara Carter, Events Coordinator, at 314-426-8007 or airportevents@flystl.com.

Public Telephone

Find Airport public telephone locations and information.

Terminal 1-Upper Level

  • Near  Exit 6, across from Brioche Doree
  • 1 Long Distance Phone (connects

    directly to AT&T)
  • 2 Free Local Phones
  • 1 TTY Device

A Concourse

  • Near Gate A-8, across from BookMark-InMotion
  • 1 Long Distance Phone (connects directly to AT&T)
  • 2 Free Local Phones
  • 1 TTY Device

Terminal 1- Mid-Level

  • Near the Pasta House, across from Starbucks
  • 1 Long Distance Phone (connects directly to AT&T)
  • 2 Free Local Phones
  • 1 TTY Device

Terminal 2-East Concourse Level (Post Security)

  • Across from Gate E-10 and Bud Stadium Club
  • 1 Long Distance Phone (connects directly to AT&T)
  • 2 Free Local Phones
  • 1 TTY Device

C Concourse

  • Near Gate C-16, across from Chili’s
  • 1 Long Distance Phone (connects directly to AT&T)
  • 2 Free Local Phones
  • 1 TTY Device

Terminal 2-Lower Level

  • Across from Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Office
  • 1 Long Distance Phone (connects directly to AT&T)
  • 1 Free Local Phone
  • 1 TTY Device

INFORMATION: Free Local Calls

  • No Credit Card or Coins Needed
  • No Long Distance, Collect or International Calls
  • No Incoming Calls
  • Not For Employee Use

INFORMATION: Long Distance, Collect & International Calls

  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • No Incoming Calls
  • No Local Calls
  • Not For Employee Use

Mail Drop-off

A Postal Service drop box for first class (letters) mail is located in the lower level of Terminal 1 between doors 17 and 18. The last collection of mail from this drop box is 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Stamps may be purchased at the US Bank ATM machine located next to the US Bank Branch, Lower Level of Terminal 1.

Interfaith Chapel 

The Lambert Airport chapel is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for private prayer and meditation. It is located in the lower level of Terminal 1 closest to Exit Door 11. The Chaplaincy holds on average 580 Protestant and Catholic services every year. Chaplaincy also maintains prayer rugs to be used by travelers of the Muslim faith. Daily Mass and weekend services are celebrated.

Terminal 1     Catholic Mass Monday - Friday 12:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Saturday
                      Protestant Services - Sunday 10:00 & 11:00 a.m. in the Airport Chapel.
Terminal 2     Catholic Mass Sunday 10:00 a.m., Communion Services Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m.
                      Protestant Services Sunday at 9:00 a.m. held in the Chapel near Gate E33.

The St. Louis Airport Interfaith Chaplaincy, Inc. manages the Chapel which was founded as a not-for-profit corporation in 1985. Construction of the current chapel was completed in early 1991. The Airport Interfaith Chapel currently has 16 volunteer chaplains. Funding to operate the chapel comes through donations from local denominations, congregations, individuals, corporations, and foundations.
Contact for the Airport Interfaith Chapel is Deacon Arnold Krieger at (314) 427-8787.

 Language Assistance

Language assistance for travelers is available at the Information Booth in Terminal 1 and Baggage Claim Daily 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. or call (314) 890-1333.

Wheelchair Assistance 

Wheelchairs assistance is offered daily between 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Wheelchair assistance can be requested at several areas at Lambert.

Departure Curb: Please make request with an Airport skycap.

Ticket counters: Please make request with an airline agent.

Security checkpoint: Please make request with security personnel.


The following banks provide ATMs in Terminals 1 & 2:
Bank of America
US Bank

Airport Shoeshine:

Operates five locations at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Concourse A:     Between Gate A3 & Starbucks
Concourse C:     NearGate C3

Terminal: 1          West End, Lower Level next to Airport Administration Offices, 
                                              Across from the Great American Bagel
                                              Terminal: 2        Near Gate E14

Group Services

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport offers services for groups of all sizes to assist organizations or traveling parties with welcome tables and signage. We can also assist groups with the various ground transportation options available at Lambert. These services are free of charge. In order to provide the best services we can, we ask for a written request on your organization's letterhead a minimum of 10 calendars days in advance of the event. The letter should include, the area requested, date and time that the welcome table(s) would be manned by your representatives, the estimated number of arriving passengers you expect to greet and any other services that you require. The Airport will respond, in writing, describing the services to be provided.


Terminal 1: Baggage Claim Level. Lambert offers two locations to meet and greet

arriving passengers. The Meeting Place is located at the exit from the C

Concourse, (American, Frontier and Cape Air airlines). The second location is

adjacent to baggage carousel 6 to serve passengers exiting the A Concourse, (Air

Canada, Alaska, Delta, US Airways and United airlines).

Terminal 2: Baggage Claim Level. The meet and greet location is located adjacent

to baggage carousel 1 just to the left of the escalator and stairs, (Southwest and

Air Tran and Air Choice One airlines).

• We do ask that tables and chairs provided for these areas not be relocated

to any other area by your representatives. Failure to comply would result in

revocation of permission to operate a welcome table.

• It is anticipated that US Airways will relocate from Concourse A to

Concourse C in June, 2012.


• Placement of a Welcome to St. Louis message, specifically tailored to your

organization, on the visual display system located in various areas of the

terminals and concourses.

• Additional tables and chairs to accommodate multiple groups.

• Free standing easels to allow your organization to identify the welcome

table and/or to display information concerning their sponsored event.

• Banners are acceptable and would be hung in various locations by the

Airport. We ask that the banners be no larger than 3Ft. X 10Ft. with a

minimum of three grommets along the top; include Welcome to St. Louis in

the message, display the organization/company name or logo but cannot

advertise products.

For more information or to request welcome tables, email welcometable@flystl.com


• Requests for special parking, vehicle loading or other information

concerning ground transportation services at Lambert should be directed to

Ms. Ann Linhorst, Ground Transportation Manager, (314) 890-1812 or


We also encourage you to visit our ground transportation page for more

information about the airport and the services offered.


US Bank operates a branch at the airport on the Lower Level of Terminal 1, across from the Great American Bagel, near the C security checkpoint. General operating hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  For more information, call (314) 429-1248.


Emergency Dispatcher: (314) 426-8100
Non-Emergency, General Information: (314) 890-1370
Lost and Found: (314) 890-1370. Location: Lower Level of Terminal 1 near door 18

Airline Club

American Airlines operates an Admirals Club® offering members individual workstations, computers with internet access, local and long distance telephones, showers, children’s rooms, music rooms, complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and other amenities.

Location: C Concourse entrance beyond security

Hotel and Motel

Terminal: 1
Toll Free Hotel/Motel Phone Centers are located in the lower level baggage claim at doors 12, 17 and 18. Passenger Pickup: exit lower level through door 18.

Terminal: 2
Toll Free Hotel/Motel Phone Center in lower level near door 12. Passenger pickup: lower level at exit door 15

Animal Rest Areas

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport offers two outdoor rest areas for passengers with traveling pets or service animals. Each relief area offers 400 square feet of gated space with park benches, trash cans, plastic mitts for cleanup and even fire hydrants. Terminal: 1 Ticketing & Departures Level, outside exit 6  Terminal: 2 Bag Claim Level, outside exit 15

Lost & Found

The St. Louis Airport Police Department maintains a lost and found section.  Inquiries may be made Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. –4:00 p.m., Central Time, at (314) 890-1370.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also recovers lost items. Call (314) 595-0423 to inquire about lost items that may have been recovered by the STL TSA office. It is recommended that passengers with lost items contact the respective airlines as well.


Free Cell Phone Lots

Avoid parking fees the next time you pick up a passenger. Lambert provides free waiting zones for motorists near each terminal.

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