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Photo Of The Week

Moon Glow: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Frosty Moon rises in the sky above Terminal 1 at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on November 6, 2014.

It’s not yet winter, but the signs are in the sky for its impending arrival. We captured November’s full moon peaking over Lambert’s historic Terminal 1 this week (Nov. 6). The November moon is often referred to as Frosty Moon or Full Beaver Moon. The latter is a reference from Indian tribes that noted this was the time beavers were building dams and preparing for winter. Either way, when you combine the glow of November’s full moon above the historic architecture of Minoru Yamasaki’s Terminal 1, plus the splash of color from the terminal’s LED skylights, you get an amazing shot that can’t be found at any other airport around.

Fading Away: Lambert Photo of the Week

The AirTran name will be removed by by November 2, 2014 on all signage at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Like so many airlines before it, AirTran Airways is fading away into history. AirTran is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines, which completed its acquisition of AirTran in 2011. Since then, Southwest has been intergrating AirTran’s operations into the larger Southwest network, while keeping the two identities separate. That will end this weekend at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. By Sunday, all AirTran signage at Lambert, whether on the roadways, ticket counters, gate areas or flight displays, will be removed. This will have no impact on passengers, but it officially leaves Southwest Airlines as the only airline in Terminal 2. Passengers may still be boarding AirTran planes, with the signature "A" tail design, for some time longer. AirTran’s history goes back to the early ‘90s, when it was formerly ValuJet Airlines. The Air Tran Airlines name was adopted in 1997. The airline started serving St. Louis in late 2007. Check out the full history, here. 


New Look: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Southwest jet featuring a brand new new paint scheme stands out at Terminal 2 among other jets carrying the existing paint scheme.

A whole new look for Southwest Airlines was announced just a month ago. A new livery or paint scheme for its entire fleet is just part of a branding overhaul for Southwest, which is Lambert’s busiest carrier. This week, we captured one of the "new look" jets at the gate in Terminal 2. You can see a sharp contrast between old and new. The redesign includes brighter tail colors, a deep blue fuselage, and the Southwest named moved to the body of the plane. Southwest reports it will take seven years to repaint its entire fleet. The rebranding will spread beyond just planes. The airline’s logo and website have been updated. Changes to airport ticketing and gate areas as well as employee uniforms are also coming soon.

Rip and Smash: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Southwest Airlines jet takes off in the distance while crews demolish a former postal facility to make way for more parking near Terminal 2.

A non-descript warehouse that once processed U.S. mail operations at Lambert-St. Louis International met its end this week to an agressive demolition crew. The steel and concrete shell building was attacked by a duo of excavators with a mean punch and fierce jaws. Crews ripped and smashed the building into pieces, small enough to transport for recycling or waste streams. The building was vacant. The building is being demolished to make way for the new parking. The surface lot will become Super Park Lot E, featuring 250 spaces with a short walk or shuttle ride to Terminal 2. The lot should ease parking shortages in the Terminal 2 Garage, once its completed by year’s end.

Hero's Homecoming: Lambert Photo of the Week

Missouri State Representative Mary Nichols (D-72) gives Sgt. 1st Class Corey Remsburg a resolution after arriving at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

It was a hero’s homecoming for Sgt. 1st Class Corey Remsburg and his parents when they arrived Thursday at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. They were met by more than a dozen joyous supporters including the Mayor of Overland, Missouri State Representative Mary Nichols and a large group from his alma mater, Ritenour High School. The former Army Ranger was permantly injured in a roadside bomb attack in 2009. His story of bravery and recovery from near-death and months in a coma made national news after President Barack Obama honored him in his 2014 State of the Union Address. Remsburg received a two-minute standing ovation. Back in St. Louis, he is being honored this weekend as the Grand Marshal of the 2014 Ritenour High School Homecoming Parade. Standing alongside his parents and his service dog, he shook off all the praise, gave the crowd a thumbs up and said, "Go Huskies."

'40s Style: Lambert Photo of the Week

Bob and Tracy Durrell, guests of Art of Travel sponsor Tech Electronics, wowed the crowds with their ‘40s style for the big event this week.

A dark red zoot suit, a petal hat and rose colored gloves were all part of Bob and Tracy Durrell’s ‘40s style dress- up for this week’s 4th Annual Art of Travel party. They weren’t the only ones. In what has become a quick tradition, a majority of the 400 guests this year themed-it-up for the Lambert Art & Culture Program fundraiser, which paid homage to the days of Casablanca, swing dancing, rotary phones and fedora hats. Two antique cars set the stage for the night outside the B Concourse. Inside, guests dined on some amazing food cooked or prepared by a team of chefs from HMSHost. Signature ‘40s style drinks were a hit. So were the custom prints works by St. Louis print studios- Pele Prints, The Firecracker Press and Yellow Bear- which used reclaimed copper from the terminal roof to create printing plates. The event was presented by Spire Natural Gas Fueling stations and supported by nearly 30 other sponsors. Funds help support on-going exhibitions and future new art installations at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Demo Done: Lambert Photo of the Week

60-year-old copper sheets are piled high in a dumpster ready to be recycled as a crane hauls off some of the last pieces of original roofing material off of Terminal 1. 

Nearly six months of demolition on the original copper roof of Terminal 1 is now complete at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Crews have been pulling off tons of copper and under-layer roofing materials from the four historic domes since April. Even though the last of the copper has been pried off the roof and sent away to be recycled, there’s still plenty of work ahead for the roof replacement project. Crews have installed new protective layers and new copper on approximately 50 percent of the vaulted domes. With demo completed, roofing crews can finish the work on the remaining two domes on the western end of Terminal 1. The project is slated for completion in December. The first sections of the new copper roof installed early this summer are already oxidizing, turning brown, while the newer sections are still bright and brassy.  

Independent Warriors: Lambert Photo of the Week

U.S. Army veterans Dennis Cabanting and Angie Peacock traveled through Lambert with a crew filming a documentary about injured service members.

The struggles and triumphs of two Army veterans recovering from their injuries suffered in combat in the Middle East played out at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport this week. Retired veterans Dennis Cabanting and Angie Peacock are being profiled in a documentary produced in partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project. Dennis and Angie, who live in St. Louis, were traveling to Los Angeles. Dennis is learning to walk again and be independent after a brain injury. Angie suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and is assisting Dennis in his recovery. The two have already been profiled on an MSNBC series "Wounded, The Battle Back Home."

Lambert Photo of the Week: Finishing Touches

Carpenter Steve Goforth puts the finishing touches on a plastic laminated wall recently installed next to United Airlines ticketing counter in Terminal 1.

Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on a shiny new wall recently installed next to United Airlines ticket counter in Terminal 1. The work is part of the final phase of renovations at all the airline’s ticket counters. Carpenter Steve Goforth added a little elbow grease rubbing down the wall to give it an extra shine. The wall is made of plastic laminate. Plastic laminate, or p-lam as it is referred to by construction workers, is easy to clean and if the panels are damaged in any way, they can be individually replaced. Once the walls are complete, doors will be added for employee access to their ticketing counters. The project is slated to be completed in two weeks.

Passing Through: Lambert Photo of the Week


Passengers exit Terminal 1, Door 17 through the newly renovated glass-enclosed walkway toward the passenger pickup area.

Whether your coming or going, a lot of folks are passing through the newly completed enclosed walkways connecting Arrivals Drive and Bag Claim in Terminal 1. The overhead structure was completely rebuilt at exits 12 and 17 with all glass ceilings and walls. This allows more light to fill the major pathways that lead people to and from shuttles and other vehicles.  The glass features high tech layers from offering improved safety, security and UV protections. A decorative window film gives the walkways a distinct and modern look. The Airport just completed the final phase of the project. New tile was installed on the ramps and stairways improving safety and adding a finishing touch to these major entrances and exit points.

Airport Improvements

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