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Photo Of The Week

Choir Power: Lambert Photo of the Week

Vocal music teacher Toni Towns directs the Barack Obama elementary school choir in Terminal 1.

This past week was peak performance time for dozens of school, church and community vocal groups to welcome travelers and airport visitors with favorite holiday classics. Carolers singing in our terminals is a favorite tradition especially when you see all the smiles of passengers as they perform "Jingle Bell Rock" or other well known songs. Barack Obama Elementary from the Normady Schools Collaborative brought out the largest group so far to the Airport. Donned in Santa hats, vocal music teacher Toni towns led her third, fourth and fifth graders in song and choreography near the USO.

Wired!-Lambert Photo of the Week

Meridith McKinley installs pieces in Lambert’s new “Philadelphia Wireman” exhibit, while former art professor Tom Watson (with wife Kim) takes a photo.

They are small, tightly wound objects of found art, but they are packed with artistic energy and history. The Lambert Art and Culture Program installed a new exhibit, “Philadelphia Wireman,” in the T1 Ticketing Lounge this week. The exhibit features intricate wire sculptures from the collections of two galleries: Fleisher/Ollman Gallery of Philadelphia and the William Shearburn Gallery of St. Louis.  The pieces come from a discovery in Philadelphia more than 35 years ago. Hundreds of these creations were left abandoned in an alley. The creator is unknown but is believed to be a man who may have lived off the streets. Since then, the unknown artist’s work has been exhibited around the world. Experts believe it one of the greatest examples of self-taught art, with figures that have heavy associations with Native-American, African-American and even classical art themes.

Fabric & Things: Lambert Photo of the Week

Artists Katherine Ehlmann and Kacey Cowdery are all smiles as they look at their creations now on display at The Lambert Gallery.

Fabric, felt, found objects and so much more. Welcome to the world of fiber art. This growing genre of art goes mainstream with a new exhibition at The Lambert Gallery titled 3D Fiber Explorations.  Missouri Fiber Artists is the organization behind this exhibition, which prompts the visitor to pause for a moment and to see fiber work in a new light, beyond craft and into the realm of fine art. Materials for this exhibition include paper, wool, felt, linen thread, silk, cotton and other materials. The fiber art genre includes surface designers, felters, embroiderers, dyers, quilters, weavers, basket makers, paper makers and more. The exhibition runs through April 4, 2015.

Reunions: Lambert Photo of the Week

Members of the extended Strout family greet each other on Wednesday at the exit of the C Concourse.

Before the long weekend of reunions, there are the first reunions...at the airport. Wednesday was a huge day at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport for friends and families greeting loved ones arriving on flights for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Young and old waited just outside the Airport’s three concourse exits hoping to get the first glimpses of familiar faces walking their way. This is what makes this time of year so special. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year, with approximately 40,000 passengers traveling through the Airport. But it’s not the busiest. Sunday is even busier for airlines and airports as most people have to get home to their usual work and school routines on Monday.

CarolLink-Lambert Photo of the Week

Carolers kicked off Metro’s Holiday Magic Train at the Airport’s MetroLink station this week.

Metro riders traveling to and from Lambert-St. Louis International Airport have a chance to catch the Holiday Magic Train now through the end of December. Metro is partnering with the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission to give riders a festive commute on board a MetroLink train decorated with lights, ornaments, garland, snowflakes and wreaths. Carolers helped kick off the Holiday Magic Train’s fifth year at Lambert’s Terminal 1 MetroLink station this week. Special on-board concerts are also part of the festivities scheduled for either the Red or Blue lines on November 29, December 7 and December 13. Honeyvox, Kevin Mitchel 4 and Retro Boogie are scheduled to perform on the train. Metro hsa also scheduled two high school musical groups to perform holiday concerts at Metro Transit stations on December 2 and 11. For more concert details, click here.

Shelter Up: Lambert Photo of the Week

Crews work on installing the second of five new weather shelters on Arrivals Drive at Terminal 1.

With the first arctic blast of the season hitting the U.S. the timing couldn’t be better. Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is adding new weather shelters for passengers on Arrivals Drive at Terminal 1. This is the roadway for passenger pickup by vehicles and shuttles. The Airport is replacing three existing shelters and installing an additional two shelters between exits 11 and 18. The steel and glass structures, measuring 6ft x 18ft, feature curved overhangs, which matches the design of nearby covered walkways and entries into the terminal. Each of the five new shelters will have lighting and heating elements. The installation will be completed before the Thanksgiving holiday.


Moon Glow: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Frosty Moon rises in the sky above Terminal 1 at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on November 6, 2014.

It’s not yet winter, but the signs are in the sky for its impending arrival. We captured November’s full moon peaking over Lambert’s historic Terminal 1 this week (Nov. 6). The November moon is often referred to as Frosty Moon or Full Beaver Moon. The latter is a reference from Indian tribes that noted this was the time beavers were building dams and preparing for winter. Either way, when you combine the glow of November’s full moon above the historic architecture of Minoru Yamasaki’s Terminal 1, plus the splash of color from the terminal’s LED skylights, you get an amazing shot that can’t be found at any other airport around.

Fading Away: Lambert Photo of the Week

The AirTran name will be removed by by November 2, 2014 on all signage at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Like so many airlines before it, AirTran Airways is fading away into history. AirTran is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines, which completed its acquisition of AirTran in 2011. Since then, Southwest has been intergrating AirTran’s operations into the larger Southwest network, while keeping the two identities separate. That will end this weekend at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. By Sunday, all AirTran signage at Lambert, whether on the roadways, ticket counters, gate areas or flight displays, will be removed. This will have no impact on passengers, but it officially leaves Southwest Airlines as the only airline in Terminal 2. Passengers may still be boarding AirTran planes, with the signature "A" tail design, for some time longer. AirTran’s history goes back to the early ‘90s, when it was formerly ValuJet Airlines. The Air Tran Airlines name was adopted in 1997. The airline started serving St. Louis in late 2007. Check out the full history, here. 


New Look: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Southwest jet featuring a brand new new paint scheme stands out at Terminal 2 among other jets carrying the existing paint scheme.

A whole new look for Southwest Airlines was announced just a month ago. A new livery or paint scheme for its entire fleet is just part of a branding overhaul for Southwest, which is Lambert’s busiest carrier. This week, we captured one of the "new look" jets at the gate in Terminal 2. You can see a sharp contrast between old and new. The redesign includes brighter tail colors, a deep blue fuselage, and the Southwest named moved to the body of the plane. Southwest reports it will take seven years to repaint its entire fleet. The rebranding will spread beyond just planes. The airline’s logo and website have been updated. Changes to airport ticketing and gate areas as well as employee uniforms are also coming soon.

Rip and Smash: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Southwest Airlines jet takes off in the distance while crews demolish a former postal facility to make way for more parking near Terminal 2.

A non-descript warehouse that once processed U.S. mail operations at Lambert-St. Louis International met its end this week to an agressive demolition crew. The steel and concrete shell building was attacked by a duo of excavators with a mean punch and fierce jaws. Crews ripped and smashed the building into pieces, small enough to transport for recycling or waste streams. The building was vacant. The building is being demolished to make way for the new parking. The surface lot will become Super Park Lot E, featuring 250 spaces with a short walk or shuttle ride to Terminal 2. The lot should ease parking shortages in the Terminal 2 Garage, once its completed by year’s end.

Airport Improvements

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