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Photo Of The Week

Snow Way Home: Lambert Photo of the Week

A passenger helplessly looks at a flight information display after flights are cancelled nationwide due to a large snowstorm in the east.

The east coast is bracing for a record-setting snowfall forecasted to hit this weekend.  CNN News reported on Friday that nearly 30 million residents are under blizzard watches or warnings, and at least 4,500 flights have been canceled ahead of the expected storm, which is stranding thousands of passengers.  Lambert-St. Louis International Airport alone had 24 arrivals and 34 departures cancelled on Friday.  Airports in larger cities saw even more of their flights impacted.  The weather conditions are predicted to be so severe, several major airlines began halting service completely to the affected states as early as Friday afternoon.  Passengers are urged to check with their airlines for the latest information on flight delays and cancellations. 

Winter Shadows: Lambert Photo of the Week

A low winter sun casts an array of shadows onto the floor in the Terminal 1 Ticketing Lounge.

The architecture of Terminal 1 at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is iconic for its sweeping domes and hundreds of individually unique window panes. The wash of natural light in the space-age terminal is beautiful in any season, but in the winter, it allows for special shadows that can only be seen this time of year.  With the winter sun so low in the sky, the rays cast striking shadows onto the floor in the mid-afternoon. The myriad of shapes in the Terminal 1 Ticketing Lounge make for beautiful shadow art patterns that accent the space.

Sweet Surprise: Lambert Photo of the Week

Hiding under that napkin is a giant sprinkled donut Dad picked out just for her, at the celebration of  STL’s new service to Little Rock, AR.

A delicious and colorful sight greeted Terminal 2 passengers on Friday morning.  Scattered throughout gate E10 were dozens of balloons, and seemingly endless boxes of decorated donuts for the taking. The sweet surprise was to celebrate the launch of twice-daily service to Little Rock, AR on Southwest Airlines beginning January 6th.  The two daily flights to Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock depart STL at 10:25 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. from Terminal 2, where Southwest currently operates 11 gates. Flights from Little Rock will arrive at Lambert at 7:40 a.m. and 6:35 p.m. The schedule gives Little Rock travelers greater connectivity to other destinations on the Southwest network through St. Louis.  Also announced this week, Frontier Airlines is expanding service with a non-stop route to Atlanta, GA starting in April. 

Perfect Pour: Lambert Photo of the Week

Busy servers at Lambert’s new Vino Volo prepare several Winter Cabernet wine flights for a table of awaiting passengers.

Vino Volo has arrived in St. Louis, with its newest location at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL).Travelers in search of a great glass of wine and a tasty bite before their flight can now visit Vino Volo in Terminal 2 near Gate E18.  Vino Volo (derived from “wine flight” in Italian) is a trusted wine authority that combines a cozy wine lounge, restaurant, tasting bar and boutique wine shop under one roof. Founded in 2005, Vino Volo revolutionizes how people experience wine by making the tasting experience approachable and educational. Here at Lambert, guests have the opportunity to taste hand-selected wines from around the world by the glass, in tasting flights, or by the bottle to either take home or have shipped. The food menu offers small plates to pair with wines, such as smoked salmon rolls and a Brie and prosciutto sandwich. CHEERS!

"B" Mine: Lambert Photo of the Week


The bride makes her grand entrance in Concourse B, for the very first wedding ceremony at Lambert Airport.

At Lambert-St. Louis International Airport last May, Patrick Walker told Nicci Roach that he loved her for the very first time. Just after Lambert-St. Louis International Airport opened the door to host private events in its re-purposed Concourse B, this travel-loving couple decided to take the plunge to pull off the first-ever wedding at the Airport on Saturday.  The couple’s story and the milestone event at Lambert were captured beautifully by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  The 26,000 square feet in Concourse B were transformed; the corridor became an aisle and seating area for over 300 guests, the main room divided into a cocktail area and adjoining reception space, original airline ticket counters became bars, and expansive airfield views provided the perfect backdrop for this unique and special day.  For more information on Concourse B, as well as Lambert’s other rental spaces, please click here

Hound Hug: Lambert Photo of the Week

A passenger jumps up in surprise after being startled while posing for a photo with an Irish Wolf Hound who was going in for a “hug.” 

Ailidh, the two year old Irish Wolf Hound, made a very big impression on passers-by at Lambert Airport on Tuesday-  standing nearly three feet tall at the shoulders, weighing 168 pounds, and reaching over seven feet on her hind legs.  The traditional Irish spelling of her name may seem hard to pronounce, but it’s actually “AY-LEE,” and she is a volunteer therapy dog with C.H.A.M.P.  She and her owner, Stephanie, make up the social therapy team that visits the U.S.O. every month.  Many travelers stopped to ask questions or take photos with the dog who would tower over a miniature horse.  But Ailidh loves the attention and Stephanie leaps at the opportunity to share with the public about the C.H.A.M.P. organization, which helps increase the independence of children and adults with disabilities by partnering them with service dogs- free of charge.

Gift of Song: Lambert Photo of the Week

Student carolers from Pattonville High School accept a charitable donation from a traveler in Terminal 2.

If you are traveling through Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in December, you are likely to encounter one of the many spirited performances from choirs throughout the St. Louis region.  Coordinated by the St. Louis Christmas Carolers Association, these volunteer groups of singers perform for the goodwill of others, collecting donations to support local charities.  Melynda, Vocal Music Teacher for Pattonville High School, said in past years their choirs alone raised over a thousand dollars caroling at Lambert.  “It’s really exciting when we see people put $100 bills into the jar.” Melynda said. “The celebrity sightings are really fun, too!”  The St. Louis Christmas Carols Association was founded in 1911, and continues to carol for a cause. In 2014, 39 Metro St. Louis area children’s agencies benefited from the carolers’ collections.  Four different choral groups performed throughout the day on Friday, with the caroling continuing at Lambert through December 22. 

Skyline Silhouette: Lambert Photo of the Week

Sunrise from the Lambert-St. Louis Air Traffic Control Tower showcases a silhouetted leg of the Arch more than 10 miles away.

Arguably the best view in the entire city lies 18 stories above Lambert-St. Louis International Airport in the Air Traffic Control Tower.  The highest point for miles, the 210 foot tall iconic structure offers a 360 degree panoramic view of a seemingly endless horizon.  Air Traffic Controllers keep the airfield a safe place by communicating with, and coordinating in real-time, all inbound and outbound flights in the nearby air or on the ground. The best way to do that is with the most visibility being perched high above the action. The tower was built by the FAA in 1991, and includes a fully circular outdoor catwalk at the top, from where this photo was shot.  The Air Traffic Controllers at Lambert are treated to beautiful views like this daily.  Want to work in the ATC tower?  You can’t be afraid of heights!  In this very skilled and stressful career, the FAA regulates that new-hires must be age 30 or under.

Dawn of Flight: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Southwest Airlines’ plane breaks into the sky at dawn on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Lambert-St. Louis Airport was washed in gold thanks to a vivid rising sun on Wednesday.  Early morning travelers were treated to the majestic sight as the Airport welcomed an influx of passengers for one of the busiest travel days of the year.  In 2015, Lambert was pleased to announce great new destinations and non-stop routes to several major markets- meaning this Holiday season, travelers can reach their loved ones faster and easier.  Just in time for the Holidays, on Monday Lambert celebrated the inaugural flight of nonstop service to John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA. The event was complete with cupcakes, balloons, and a cake that featured two (edible!) surfers catching California waves.

Now Boarding: Lambert Photo of the Week


 Delta Airlines’ passengers board a full departing flight from STL Friday.

The busiest travel season of the year is now upon airports throughout the country.  Lambert- St. Louis International Airport will see a surge in holiday traffic beginning Friday, November 20 as the Thanksgiving holiday travel rush begins.  An increase of 15-20 percent in passenger traffic is typical at Lambert during the 10-day Thanksgiving air travel period, which extends through Monday, November 30. The biggest single travel day of the holiday weekend for Lambert is projected to be the Sunday following Thanksgiving (November 29), which typically surpasses 20,000 departing passengers on that day.  Load factors are projected to above 90 percent for most of the airlines operating at Lambert, with most flights being fully booked.  In 2015 Lambert has added four major new destinations and non-stop routes,  facilitating  travelers with even more options to quickly and conveniently reach their loved ones during this special time of year. 

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