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Photo Of The Week

Copper Conversation: Lambert Photo of the Week


Metalsmith Peg Fetter interviews with Lambert’s Jeff Lea about her work for the Art of Travel Copper Collection. 

If you’ve been following us on social media, we’ve been posting some incredible photos and videos of our four jewelry artists crafting reclaimed copper from the Airport’s original roof into extraordinary pieces of wearable history.  Renowned metalsmiths from the St. Louis area have been commissioned to design the Copper Collection, exclusively debuting for sale at Art of Travel on October 1, 2015.  We’ve seen Adam Foster, Jenny Walker, Peg Fetter and Lisa Colby manipulate the metal in their own unique ways to craft a work of art that speaks to them.  Some have gained inspiration for their pieces from the copper’s natural patina, and others are motivated by the glimmer of what lies underneath.  Whether treated with fire, acid, or ceramic, or hammered, etched, filed, and polished - their works will take your breath away.  All proceeds benefit the Lambert Art and Culture Program.  For photos, videos and event and ticket information, visit ArtofTravelSTL.com

Chartering Colts: Lambert Photo of the Week

Players, coaches and staff on the Indianapolis Colts arrived in St. Louis Friday on a chartered American Airlines' Boeing 777.

Stick around for 24 hours and you can witness up to 250 aircraft landings at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Those are Lambert’s daily scheduled flights from our major airline partners. Those airlines also operate special charters, especially for high profile sports teams. An American Airlines Boeing 777 landed Friday afternoon. It’s the team plane for the Indianapolis Colts, which plays the St. Louis Rams this weekend. Charter flights like this one do not connect at a concourse gate. The aircraft is assigned a parking location away from the terminal. Teams use “air stairs” to de-board the plane. Teams coordinate with the airport to have buses on standby to pick up the players immediately and then head to the stadium or the team hotel.  

Brazilian Beats: Lambert Photo of the Week

"Mo" Marchini of the band Samba Bom welcomed some young performers to play along at a Lambert Gallery performance this week.

The Sheldon Art Galleries officially opened their new exhibit, Wonderful Winds, at the Lambert Gallery in Terminal 1 at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. It features an amazing collection of ancient and rare music instruments from across the globe. The pieces are part of The Sheldon’s Hartenberger World Music Collection, which was donated to The Sheldon by Dr. Aurelia and Jeff Hartenberger in 2014. The full collection consists of 2,500 instruments and pays tribute to a rich diversity of music representing American, Native American, African, Asian, Central American and South American cultures. Whistles, horns, trumpets, flutes, aerophones, crumhorns and bugles are just a few of the instruments on display. The Brazilian band Samba Bom played to the exhibition’s wordly theme for the opening reception. The exhibition runs through December.

Blue Skies: Lambert Photo of the Week

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels depart from Lambert-St. Louis airfield in their signature, precision “Diamond” formation. 

The sky was just a little more blue over Lambert on Wednesday, as the world-renowned Blue Angels made a special appearance.  Their arrival came with a ceremonious fly-by in formation, which was accented with trails of white smoke.  Upon landing, they taxied across the airfield to neighboring Boeing for a celebration that drew hundreds of staff wearing blue and gold collared Blue Angels shirts.  The pilots met Boeing employees, toured the factory, and greeted 15 local Boeing-sponsored ROTC students.  They departed Lambert at 2 p.m., heading for a Chicago air show.  A pilot told the crowd how honored he was to be fulfilling the Blue Angels’ mission to inspire and encourage excellence all over the world.  For more photos of the Blue Angels at Lambert, find us at FlySTL on Facebook and Twitter. 

Bright Idea: Lambert Photo of the Week

Electrician Tim Delworth installs an energy efficient LED bulb in the Terminal 1 Garage.

Approximately 3,000 light bulbs in the Terminal 1 Garage and Terminal 2 Garage will be replaced with LEDs as part of a continuing energy reduction campaign at Lambert-St. Louis.  The LED bulbs are 80 percent more efficient than the halogen lights they are replacing, and are also brighter. Electricians will be working through October to complete the project, which has already begun in the Terminal 1 Garage, will move to the Terminal 2 Garage in September.  The switch to LEDs is a projected $165,000  in annual energy savings.  Ameren UE contributed nearly $200,000 in grants towards the $865,000 installation effort.  Lambert plans to expand the use of LEDs onto the airfield in late fall. 

Boom Rehab: Lambert Photo of the Week

Concrete is pumped more than 100 feet in the air to the Terminal 1 MetroLink station construction site.

The MetroLink station at Terminal 1 is undergoing its first facelift since opening in 1994.  The rehabilitation project includes repairing concrete, adding tactile strips to the station platform, upgrading the electrical system, painting, and adding energy efficient LED lights.  An areal boom pump delivered concrete to the elevated platform from a mixing truck 105 feet below.  A coating of epoxy had been applied an hour before, to help adhere to the new pour to the existing surface. A worker on the platform directed the crane via remote control, while workers smoothed and shaped the mixture into place.  Fresh paint and a rust preventative were also being applied to parts of the structure.  We’re looking forward to the finished look! 

Cut Away: Lambert Photo of the Week

A Southwest Airlines’ plane flies alongside an airfield construction zone.

If you put all of Lambert Airport’s runways end-to-end, it would total over 10.3 miles.  That’s a LOT of pavement!  What you may not know, is that all of the concrete on the airfield is 17 inches thick, as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.  In a summer-long process, airfield construction crews are replacing an area approximately 550 feet long by 450 feet wide on the E-Pad, which is a designated waiting zone for aircraft.  You can see where the old concrete was cut away from the existing surface. It was then crushed for use as one of several permeable sub-layers beneath the new concrete pour, which is expected to be 12,500 cubic yards.  The airfield remains fully operational during the construction, with planes taking off and landing around the site. This Southwest plane is using runway 12L, which measures 9,003 feet long and 150 feet wide.

Flying Cars: Lambert Photo of the Week

Cargo jets carrying General Motors automobile parts park on the airfield J-Pad in sight of Terminal 2.

Ever wish your car could fly?  Perhaps you still do!  Well, it’s entirely possible that pieces of your car have already taken to the skies.  A special delivery of 342,000 pounds of vehicle transmissions arrived at Lambert this week, intended for use at a nearby General Motors plant.  Ten cargo aircraft, which included Boeing 727s, 737s, and MD80s, carried the 171 ton shipment from Mexico to St. Louis.  The planes arrived via a Michigan-based charter company on behalf of General Motors.  Interestingly, the 727’s pictured here were once passenger jets that have since been converted for cargo use.  As many as five aircraft containing the auto parts were parked on the airfield at a time.  How long does it take to unload 36,000 pounds of cargo per plane?  About 30 minutes each. 

Minion Madness: Lambert Photo of the Week

Minions overtake Hudson News stores throughout Lambert Airport!

With the release of the Minions movie in theaters July 10, the lovable, mischievous creatures have been spotted in droves throughout the Airport.  It’s hard to miss their bright yellow color as you walk through the concourses, either on display, or in passenger’s hands as recent purchases.  Minion Madness has definitely arrived at Lambert, and it’s tons of fun!  Hudson News stores have Minions available in all shapes and sizes, as well as on a variety of merchandise including play sets, candy, lunchboxes and beverage tumblers, to name a few.

Cake 'n Smiles: Lambert Photo of the Week

Vanessa and Annika joined their family in celebrating the new Alaska  Airlines’ flight between Portland, OR and St. Louis. 

It was all cake and smiles at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Lambert celebrated the launch of three new non-stop destinations to Austin, TX, Jackson, TN and Portland, OR for the week of June 28. The Airport joined Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines in throwing a party at the gate for the first flights to Austin and Portland. Custom cakes were shaped as luggage decorated with each city’s destination airport code. Passengers and guests could choose from a table full of cupcakes, too. Kelli and Eric Hanson and their three daughters, Vanessa, Annika and Ava were on Alaska’s first flight. They received celebration cookies before departing. When they arrived in St. Louis, they walked right into the STL cake party, which also included live music. As you can see from the picture above, the girls were off to a very SWEET trip.

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