A new phase of detours will begin Monday, June 18 in Terminal 1 for arriving passengers seeking ground transportation shuttles.  Construction on the Terminal 1 Bag Claim Drive (Lower) is switching to the two north lanes which are closest to the terminal curb. All van and shuttle pick up areas will be moved to the center roadway island.

 No pedestrian traffic will be allowed to cross the construction areas. The public will be directed to enter the Terminal 1 Garage  from the Bag Claim level (Doors 14, 15 and 16), take the elevator to the Green Level (Level 3) and then use a cross walk to access the ground transportation pickup zones along the roadway island.  The detours affect pick up zones for the Terminal 2 shuttle, Super Park shuttles and off airport parking vans. Pickup for hotel and motel shuttles during the second phase of construction will remain located on the upper level of Terminal 1 at Exit 6.  In addition to detour signage, the Airport will have an Information Ambassador walking throughout the bag claim area to assist travelers and the public.

The alternate passenger pickup area in the Terminal 1 Garage is still in effect through the second phase of the roadway project which began in late April. All public motorists picking up passengers from Terminal 1 should follow signs to the Terminal 1 Parking Garage. The temporary pickup area is located on the yellow level (Level 2). During this project, motorists have a 15 minute free grace period in the Terminal 1 Garage.

Lambert encourages motorists to use the Airport’s free cell phone lots located near each of the terminals on Lambert International Boulevard. Motorists should wait for arriving passengers until they confirm that they have arrived and are ready for pickup.

The roadway project is scheduled for completion by August 1.