Erica Turner (left) and Artinces Hawkins with Huntleigh provided excellent customer service to a young passenger who was beaten up by her boyfriend and dropped off at Lambert Airport with her baby.  Artinces saw the young lady and noticed she had been in the airport most of the day.  She later found out the young lady couldn't afford a ticket for her child and check her luggage.  Artinces paid $220 so the young lady could take her luggage with her.  Erica Turner paid for the young lady and her baby to stay in a hotel room because she couldn't a flight out until the next day.  Erica and Artinces went beyond the scope of their everyday duties to provide excellent customer service to a passenger.  The young lady was very appreciative.

Kerrie Keane of Southwest Airlines was commended for making the day of a passenger who flew to St. Louis to photograph the Venus transit.  The passenger was afraid his luggage wouldn't arrive in time.  His luggage contained the equipment he needed to photograph the rare Venus transit.  But when he talked to Kerrie she assured him his luggage would arrive in time and she would contact him. She did and the passenger was able to capture the Venus transit.  He praised Kerrie for her professionalism and kindess.