The St. Louis Airport Commission has formally approved a deal allowing Laclede Venture Corp., a subsidiary of The Laclede Group, to build and operate a high profile compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station at I-70 and Cypress, just west of Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

The fueling station will be built on approximately one acre of the Airport’s Super Park Lot C facility. The lease agreement requires a minimum of $2.5 million investment by Laclede Venture Corp. in its build-out of the new public access CNG facility. The initial term of the agreement is 15 years with an annual lease rate of $17,782. The Airport will also receive a royalty charge for each gasoline gallon equivalent of CNG pumped at the facility. The agreement requires further approvals by the City of St. Louis, including the Board of Aldermen.

“This will be a major asset for the community as the St. Louis area grows its alternative fuel infrastructure,” said Lambert Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge. “In addition to the impact this effort has on providing a service in a growing alternative fuels market, this deal brings new revenue to the Airport.”

“Laclede is proud of its long history of supporting Lambert as a leader in the use of CNG as a vehicular fuel,” said Mike Spotanski, chief integration and innovation officer of The Laclede Group. “The growing use of this technology makes it an exciting time to partner once again with the Airport in developing this public station.”

Lambert has been a leader in alternative fuels for more than two decades. It currently operates two CNG stations for its Airport vehicles and parking shuttles. More than half of the Airport’s fleet of vehicles operates on CNG or biofuels. The Airport recently installed five electric vehicle charging stations for public use at its Super Park B Lot. Lambert also encourages motorists picking up passengers to park in the Airport’s two free waiting zones/cell phone lots to cut down on traffic and carbon emissions.