Starting this week, Lambert will begin major infrastructure improvements between exits 14, 15 and 16 in the ramp area that connects Bag Claim and the Yellow Level of the Terminal 1 Garage. Work includes new ceilings, HVAC, lighting and the addition of new wall finishes. Airline baggage service offices in this area are being relocated to temporary facilities directly adjacent to baggage carousels during the construction, which will be completed this fall.  At least two of three doorways will be open at all times during the construction.

The second project will overhaul two lower level entrances that connect Bag Claim with Arrivals Drive, the roadway for passenger pickup and most ground transportation shuttles. These covered walkway entrances were damaged during the April 22, 2011 tornado.  Lambert will be building new sleek, all-glass enclosed walkways that will better enhance Lambert’s historic terminal architecture. The project is being funded with support from the Eastman Chemical Company, as well as insurance proceeds. The glass panels will allow natural lighting to brighten the pathway for the public to and from the lower level Bag Claim. Eastman’s Saflex® and Vanceva® interlayers bring safety, security and UV protection to the laminated glass. LLumar® decorative window films provide a distinct design pattern to the enclosed walkways. Entry/Exit 17 will be closed beginning the first week of February for construction. This phase of the project should be completed in April. Construction on Entry/Exit 12 will proceed after the first phase of the project is completed.  Alternate doorways will be used for passengers and visitors to enter and exit the terminal during this construction.

These projects will complement the major interior renovation nearing completion in the Airport’s Terminal 1 Bag Claim and the lower level. The Airport Experience renovations include new ceilings, new lighting, new interior wall and flooring surfaces, new signage, new directories and new restrooms. The Airport Experience renovation on the Ticketing Lobby, including new ticket counters and new terrazzo flooring, will be completed by this summer.