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Art of Travel 2014 to Feature A Live Chef Experience and Gourmet Menu

The Art of Travel event benefiting the Lambert Art and Culture Program will feature gourmet chefs from across the country preparing signature cuisine on Oct. 2, 2014. 

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Passing Through: Lambert Photo of the Week


Passengers exit Terminal 1, Door 17 through the newly renovated glass-enclosed walkway toward the passenger pickup area.

Whether your coming or going, a lot of folks are passing through the newly completed enclosed walkways connecting Arrivals Drive and Bag Claim in Terminal 1. The overhead structure was completely rebuilt at exits 12 and 17 with all glass ceilings and walls. This allows more light to fill the major pathways that lead people to and from shuttles and other vehicles.  The glass features high tech layers from offering improved safety, security and UV protections. A decorative window film gives the walkways a distinct and modern look. The Airport just completed the final phase of the project. New tile was installed on the ramps and stairways improving safety and adding a finishing touch to these major entrances and exit points.

Trace History of Camera Design at New Exhibition by Photography Museum

The Art & Culture Program at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is proud to welcome its newest exhibition by St. Louis-based International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum (IPHF).  "A Heritage of Cameras" is now on display in The Lambert Gallery in Terminal 1 through November 30. It features a collection of cameras from the 19th Century to present day.

Diverse names such as Kodak, Polaroid, Cohen, Pixie, Canon, Minolta and many other manufacturers are represented by a wide array of camera types: large format cameras, miniature cameras, every day street cameras and studio cameras. If your photographic memory needs a jolt, you can even spot a modern day smart phone in this collection, too, which has become the everyday camera of our times.

“In spite of the remarkable variety of camera designs, they all have three features in common: a light-tight chamber, a lens, and a sensitive recording area (film or image sensor),” said John Wm Nagel, Executive Director of IPHF. “The cameras in this exhibit are a sampling of the many directions camera design has taken.”

The exhibition offers a chance for photography enthusiasts to spot cameras they had during childhood, or ones they saw their grandparents use. The exhibition features cameras from a collection of 6,000 items in the IPHF collection. The display is curated across six displays: view cameras, stereo cameras, twin lens cameras, miniatures, folding cameras and box cameras.

The Lambert Gallery is located in Terminal 1 in Baggage Claim near the exit for Concourse C. “A Heritage of Cameras” was selected for display by the Airport Art Advisory Committee (AAAC) as part of a series of exhibitions in the Lambert Art and Culture Program. The exhibit is made possible by support from the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission. It’s also sponsored by Cheri K. Combs, Managing Partner, Deloitte. 

The International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum operates as a nexus for photographic activity in Grand Center and the St. Louis region. IPHF hosts photographic exhibits and competitions, displays its museum of cameras and provides workshops in all aspects of historical and contemporary photographic techniques. IPHF also presents guest speakers and panel discussions, hosts meetings of local photographic organizations, and offers its traveling exhibitions in venues across the country. Wider distribution channels include a quarterly newsletter, website, and podcasts. www.iphf.org

Photographic Memory: Lambert Photo of the Week

Jennifer and Dave Garver of St. Louis view old and classic cameras at the new International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum exhibit at Lambert.

If you love photography and history, than you won’t want to miss out on the latest exhibit at The Lambert Gallery, in Terminal 1 Bag Claim. The International Photography Hall of Fame & Museum’s "A Heritage of Cameras." is on display through November. Camera geeks will be astonished at the collection that highlights the progression of cameras from the 19th Century to present day, within six display cases. Well known names such as Kodak, Polaroid, Cohen, Pixie, Canon, Minolta and many other manufacturers are represented by a wide array of camera types: large format cameras, miniature cameras, every day street cameras and studio cameras. And if your photographic memory needs a jolt, you can spot a modern day smart phone in this collection, which was the next big thing a couple of years ago. Now, it’s history

Lambert Photo of the Week: Lights! Camera! Action!

Whelan Security Guard Scott Sparks takes a moment to pose for St. Louis Convention and Tourism’s Paulette Koons during a photo shoot.

Whelan Security Guard Scott Sparks was elated to be named a Hospitality Super Hero by the St. Louis Convention and Tourism Commission (SLCVC). As a Super Hero, Scott had to reenact the life saving efforts he performed on a visitor at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Scott was called upon by a female visitor as he worked the taxi starter stand. The woman’s husband had fallen ill in the Terminal 1 garage. Scott quickly closed up the stand and followed the woman to her husband’s location. He found her husband face down on the concrete. Scott rolled him over to find he was purple. He remained calm and quickly called paramedics. After checking the man’s pulse he performed CPR and administered an automatic external defibrillator before paramedics arrived. Sparks will be honored at the SLCVC Annunal Meeting and Hospitality Heroes Luncheon for his heroic actions.


Lambert Photo of the Week: Home Sweet Home

Circus Harmony members are elated to return home after spending an extra week in Israel.

Members of Circus Harmony were all smiles when they returned home to a crowded corridor of family and friends. It was a huge crowd and a warm welcome for the group who are the Circus Harmony Arches. The Arches traveled to Israel to perform as part of a program called Peace Through Pyramids. It’s a partnership Circus Harmony has established with the Galilee Circus in Israel. The groups alternate visiting each other. This year was a bit different because the Arches spent an extra week in Israel due to the Federal Aviation Administration’s ban on incoming and outgoing flights to Israel. Family and friends were happy to see the students and chaperones return home safe and sound. The media was also on hand to capture this heartwarming moment.


New Exhibit at Lambert Highlights Airport’s Rich History in Aviation

A new exhibit at Lambert- St. Louis International Airport may bring back memories for some travelers and serve as a history lesson for others.  The new exhibit, sponsored by The Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum, gives passengers a glimpse of historical artifacts from Ozark Airlines, Trans World Airlines and flight instruments from the days of Lambert Field.  This abbreviated history lesson lasts as long as it takes visitors to walk by the display cases.   But many visitors can’t resist stopping to read the information about the well preserved treasures. 

The exhibit showcases important memorabilia including the uniforms and travel bags of former stewardesses and pilots from Trans World Airlines and Ozark Airlines.  Travelers will also see samples of old airline tickets from most of Lambert Airport’s current carriers.  The display cases are filled with unique items reminiscent of the early days of aviation including a TWA customer blanket, a key chain and matches from the elite TWA Ambassadors Club. The exhibit is not without military presence with an actual ejection seat from a fighter jet.  A poster of Teddy Roosevelt in an open biplane in 1910 at Kinloch Field is further proof of St. Louis’ place in aviation history. The airport’s name changed several times from Kinloch Field to Lambert Field to its current name, Lambert- St. Louis International Airport. 

Passengers wishing to learn more can visit the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum for additional aviation history.  The museum is located at the downtown St. Louis Airport in Cahokia, Illinois. 

The Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum is operated by volunteers and is only open on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Lambert Photo of the Week: Aviation Treasures

Passengers will see TWA memorabilia in the display cases across from the baggage carousels in Terminal 1.

Passengers and visitors curious about the history of aviation can view memorabilia from the early days in a new exhibit at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The new exhibit, by The Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum, features aviation treasures some St. Louisans will remember. For some it was perceived as the good ole days, when Lambert Airport served as a hub for Trans World Airlines. Passengers will see well-preserved TWA blankets, key chains, playing cards and even matches from the elite Ambassadors Club. The exhibit also highlights Ozark Airlines and features the uniforms of the stewardesses and pilots. Many things have changed over the years as the exhibit shows. These days the Stewardesses are called Flight Attendants. Another noted change is Lambert Field, which is now called Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Summer Shows Signs of Rebound in Lambert Passenger Activity

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is starting to see a rebound of passenger activity levels with the peak summer travel season which attributed to a more positive enplanement trend for the second quarter of 2014.


With the most recent statistics for June 2014, the number of commercial enplaned passengers was down .05 percent with 589,071 passengers boarding flights versus 592,192 in June of 2013.  It was the busiest month of the year so far for Lambert. The total number of departing and arriving passengers for June was 1,175, 898 versus 1,184,461 in June 2013, down 0.7 percent.  For the first six months of 2014, Lambert is down 3.7 percent in total passengers.  


In the first quarter, total traffic of 2.7 million passengers was down 4.4 percent, year over year, primarily attributed to winter weather cancellations. The second quarter, total traffic of 3.3 million passengers was down 3.1 percent, year over year.


In June, several carriers added new flights including new service from St. Louis to Portland, OR and Trenton, NJ as well as more flights to San Francisco and Washington National.


Through the second quarter, Southwest Airlines continues to hold the biggest market share with 50 percent of passengers served at Lambert. American holds a 15 percent market share while Delta serves nearly 14 percent of Lambert passengers.

Art, Sculpture Highlight New Lounge in Lambert’s Terminal 1

Lambert- St. Louis International Airport has transformed a vacant airline ticket counter area into a high profile lounge that includes new art, a live green wall, a water feature and a new view out of the terminal’s historic arched windows.

The Terminal 1 Ticketing Lounge is one of the final projects in Lambert’s extensive renovation campaign, the Airport Experience Program. The lounge space, with red leather seating, offers a respite for travelers who are going through the check-in process.

One of the new focal points for the lounge is the addition of “China China,” a 6-ft tall bronze sculpture featuring two ancient Chinese figures. The sculpture, installed earlier this month, is on loan from The Gateway Foundation of St. Louis. 

Two temporary art cases in the lounge exhibit rotating exhibits. The first works on display are from local artists Sam Stang and Michael Bauermeister. Stang, founder of Augusta Glass Studio, is exhibiting several Murrini bottles and a plate that use European glass blowing techniques. Bauermeister, who is nationally known for his wood works, is displaying a sample of his signature pieces including bowls and vessels.

The lounge has two book-end walls that also offer inspiration to travelers and visitors. A live green wall, featuring several species of plants anchors one side; the other features a cascading water wall that amplifies a LED light show. To the south, the removal of ticket counters opens up the 30-ft. high vaulted windows with a view of the entrance roadway to the terminal and a new courtyard that features teak benches and a series of planters with native Missouri birch trees.  The Airport is considering adding additional art sculptures in the courtyard to complete the exterior space.

The $70 million Airport Experience began in 2008 and resulted in the Airport’s largest interior makeover in its history, with renovations to Terminal 1 and Concourses A & C. The architect for the renovations is exp., which has offices in St. Louis. The project manager is Kwame Building Group. Projects included new or improved restrooms, an expanded Checkpoint C, terrazzo flooring in Terminal 1, new lighting, new signage and new art installations. The final Airport Experience project is the installation of a new copper roof on Terminal, 1 which is scheduled to be completed at the end of the year.

Airport Improvements

Free Cell Phone Lots

Avoid parking fees the next time you pick up a passenger. Lambert provides free waiting zones for motorists near each terminal.

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