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Night Vision: Lambert Photo of the Week

STL’s new energy-efficient LED taxiway edge lights illuminate the airfield at night. 

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport has nearly 2,700 taxiway edge lights positioned throughout the airfield, which can be recognized by their vibrant blue glow.  These color-coded markers help aircraft and operational motor vehicles navigate STL’s miles of airfield pavement at night. More than 800 taxiway edge lights at Lambert have been replaced with new LED bulbs that use 50 percent less power.  The lights will be part of the Airport’s interactive display at the Earth Day Festival in Forest Park on April 24.  Visitors will also be able to get close to some of STL’s Earth-friendly electric, biodiesel, and Compressed Natural Gas powered vehicles, while learning more about the Airport’s environmental and sustainability efforts.  After Lambert completed 31 energy reduction projects between 2010-2015, the Airport now saves 8.8 million kilowatt hours of energy each year.

Table Talks: Lambert Photo of the Week

Marvin Johnson of Construction Management Partners leads a roundtable discussion at STL’s Business Diversity Forum.

Over 400 people registered for Lambert-St. Louis International Airport’s 2016 Business Diversity Forum: Diverse Opportunities to Create new Successes held on Friday.  The free event was designed to showcase new and ongoing development opportunities at Lambert Airport while creating an educational and networking opportunity for M/W/D/ACDBE’s to connect with prime contractors and airport decision makers. Highlights of the event included a keynote presentation by Ravi Norman, CEO of THOR Construction, an Airport status report from Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, and engaging roundtable discussions featuring 22 different topics.  The schedule also included a networking breakfast, awards presentation, and vendor exhibition.

Pups on Patrol: Lambert Photo of the Week

Furry members of the St. Louis Airport Police K-9 Unit come over to say “hello” to the camera during a routine Airport inspection.

Lambert loves being a pet-friendly airport for our travelers. But did you know that there are special dogs that work at the Airport every day?  AAbel (left) and Orkan (right) are two of nine pups that make up the St. Louis Airport Police K-9 Unit.  Not only do these happy faces help keep the airport safe, they love to greet travelers and make new friends while out on their rounds.  Orkan, a three-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, “absolutely loves kids,” said his Officer.  Specially trained and certified through the Department of Homeland Security, the dogs in Lambert’s K-9 Unit have had some pretty neat travels, too; like being called to work V.I.P. detail for Super Bowl games and Presidential inaugurations.

MetroLink Elevator Closure at Terminal 2 Station Could Extend Commute Starting March 28

(March 23, 2016-St. Louis)  Lambert-St. Louis International Airport will be closing the elevator at the Terminal 2 MetroLink Station for repairs from Monday, March 28 through Friday, April 1. MetroLink passengers who need to use the elevator will be directed to travel to the Terminal 1 Station instead, and then use elevator service there. Passengers will then be directed to take the terminal shuttle back to Terminal 2 during the five-day repair period. The alternate route will likely add 10-20 minutes to a passenger’s commute. Passengers who can use stairs can still access the MetroLink Terminal 2 Station next week and will not need to take the alternate route.

The Terminal Shuttle departs each terminal approximately every 10 minutes. The Airport will have signs in both terminals alerting passengers about the alternate route for those who need MetroLink service. MetroLink operators will announce the elevator is out of service as the trains arrive at Terminal 2 and will instruct the passengers needing elevator service to remain on the trains until they arrive at Terminal 1. The MetroLink Rider Alert information will be posted at metrostlouis.org.

New Development Opportunities Take Flight at Airport’s Business Diversity Forum

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport will host the 2016 Business Diversity Forum: Diverse Opportunities to Create New Successes on Friday April 1, 2016.  The event is free, and will be held from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in Terminal 1 Concourse B. 

Airport Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge will speak on Lambert’s 5-year strategic plan, current progress, and renewed focus on passenger growth, financial stability, economic development, and customer satisfaction.  A highlight of the event is a dynamic presentation by renowned keynote speaker, Ravi Norman, CEO of THOR Construction, which is among the largest African American Companies in the nation.  Mr. Norman will discuss his “SIT-EAT-GROW” model for growing small businesses and minority entrepreneurship.

The event is designed to showcase new and ongoing development opportunities at Lambert Airport, and to breakdown the nuances often associated with doing business in an airport environment. Additionally, the forum creates an educational and networking opportunity for M/W/D/ACDBE’s to connect with prime contractors and airport decision makers.  The forum will feature roundtable discussions on how to do business at Lambert Airport, upcoming contract opportunities, understanding a joint venture and how it can help grow your company, business-to-business networking, navigating the certification process, bonding requirements, and other business development topics. The schedule also includes networking breakfast, awards presentation, and exhibit hall. 

Businesses connected with professional services such as accounting, HR management, legal, PR/marketing, as well as personnel staffing are encouraged to attend. 

Lambert hosted its first-ever Business Diversity Forum last spring. It was attended by over 400 people, and highlighted the requirements for federal and local certification for minority and women-owned businesses.

Registration is required by March 29, and can be made by calling 314-426-6111 or by clicking here


Junior Flyers: Lambert Photo of the Week


The Shaffey family, led by their two young children, head towards their gate in Concourse C. 

It's Spring Break time, and it signifies the start of a peak travel season here at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. We spotted the Shaffey’s entering Concourse C, heading out for a week-long Spring Break vacation at Disney World.  The little Shaffey's were all set with perfectly proportioned luggage in tow.  Concourse C is a great place for junior flyers like these, as it is host to the 1,500 square foot educational Play Port playground, sponsored by The Magic House. Kids can play on this fun-sized airport, complete with a plane, air traffic control tower with a slide, car rental counters, luggage conveyor, while learning about transportation.  Through the end of March, lots of little feet will be seen in our concourses while families are off to have some fun.

Hand Off: Lambert Photo of the Week

Installers with U.S.Art delicately unpack pieces of “Crème de la Crème Because It’s the Best of the Best” to prepare it for display in Terminal 1.

It was a unique hand off from The Saint Louis Art Museum to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. The result is an extended viewing of a colorful collage of fabric scrolls created by St. Louisans Steven and William Ladd. The artists, now based in New York, completed a museum residency where they conducted a community scrollathon involving more than 500 sets of hands from different schools and groups in St. Louis. Participants helped roll fabric that were then pieced together for the Ladd brothers’ work Crème de la Crème Because It’s the Best of the Best.  The artwork made of fabric, archival board, pins and metal trinkets was created in conjuction with the Ladd’s exhibition Scouts vs Sports? The brothers are known for unique, craft based art. The artwork is now on display near the entrance to the A Concourse in the lower level of Terminal 1 through September.

“Scrollathon” Artwork Gets Extended Stay with Lambert Installation

In collaboration with the Saint Louis Art Museum, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport has installed an artwork of colorful fabric scrolls designed by St. Louisans Steven and William Ladd.

Crème de la Crème Because It’s the Best of the Best (2016) is now on display through September 8 on the lower level of Terminal 1 at the entrance to the A Concourse. The temporary exhibition is the latest installation on behalf of the Lambert Art and Culture Program.

Steven and William Ladd, now based in New York, served a residency at the Saint Louis Art Museum in early 2016. They hosted a “scrollathon” involving more than 500 students and community members.  Participants each created two scrolls of tightly wound strips of fabric, one to keep and one to contribute to the final artwork.  The “scrollathon” allowed the students to work with the nationally recognized artists who shared their history of St. Louis and explored the use of recycled materials.

“The Ladd brothers are known for their unique, craft-based approach to their work, and for their commitment to sharing their values and artistic process with others,” said Brent B. Benjamin, the Barbara B. Taylor Director of the Saint Louis Art Museum. “The museum was pleased to host the Ladds as artists in residence and grateful for the opportunity to welcome more than 500 collaborators who contributed to this compelling work.”

The artwork (fiber, archival board, pins and metal trinkets) was created in conjunction with the Ladd’s exhibition Scouts vs. Sports? at the Saint Louis Art Museum. The artwork is on display courtesy of the Saint Louis Art Museum, Steven and William Ladd and Cristina Grajales Gallery.    

The Saint Louis Art Museum “Scrollathon” was made possible through the generous support of The Trio Foundation of St. Louis.

Bridge Building: Lambert Photo of the Week

Jet bridge installation equipment at Terminal 2 perfectly frames the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Southwest Airlines is expanding their operations in Terminal 2, and has been in the process of installing two new jet bridges at gates E31 and E33 . The complexity and size of these large motorized walkways can take a week or more to assemble.  These jet bridges are designed to fit multiple aircraft sizes.  E31 can accommodate a Boeing 737-800, and E33 up to a Boeing 787. Lambert worked with Southwest on the configuration of the these jet bridges to ensure safe operations for arriving and departing aircraft.  Gate E31 aligns west, directly towards the Air Traffic Control Tower.

Snow on the Move: Lambert Photo of the Week

A loader clears snow from the airfield during a snowstorm on Wednesday morning.

Most people associate this type of machinery with construction work.  But at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport these specialty backhoes, called loaders, are used for snow removal.  When winter weather hits, airports get to work fighting back snow and ice to keep the airfield safe and operational. It takes hundreds of specially trained people with highly specialized snow removal equipment to clear an airfield. Unlike street plows that pile snow on the sides of roadways, standing snow is a hazard on the airfield and must be relocated.  The airport clears all major movement areas, such as runways and taxiways. It utilizes the help of contractors such as Midwest Landscape for the ramp areas, located closest to the building and airline gates.  The loaders lift the snow from the ramps into dump trucks, who relocate it to safe place to melt away. 

Airport Improvements

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Avoid parking fees the next time you pick up a passenger. Lambert provides free waiting zones for motorists near each terminal.

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