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St. Louis Lambert International Airport is committed to operating in a manner that serves its passengers, employees, tenants, contractors, and surrounding community as best as possible. A primary component of this commitment is the Airport’s desire to achieve successful environmental performance which is communicated through the Airport's environmental policy. The Airport has also adopted a sustainability policy to ensure the integrity for its economic viability, operational efficiency, natural resource conservation and social responsibility. Both policy statements are available by clicking the following links.

The Airport has made great strides in moving beyond compliance toward enhanced environmental performance through economic, operational, and social initiatives related to the following areas: 

  1. Pollution prevention/best management practices
  2. Air quality
  3. Water quality and usage efficiency
  4. Recycling programs
  5. Energy management
  6. Procurement
  7. Wildlife management
  8. Noise management

The Airport actively works with airlines, tenants and the community to expand the effectiveness of the environmental performance initiatives and address high priority items. This collaboration is increasingly important as the Airport augments existing programs and pursues broader goals such as the attainment of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System self-certification by early 2012. For further questions, please contact: 

St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Enviromental Health & Safety 
11495 Navaid Road, Fourth Floor
Bridgeton, MO 60344
(314) 551-5035