Art Abounds at the Airport with the Opening of New Exhibitions

Posted on April 20, 2017 in Art Media Releases

Works of Hoffman, WorkPlay and Gallery210

The St. Louis art scene shines in three new art exhibitions which opened this week at St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL).  The dynamic and colorful collections are part of the Lambert Art and Culture Program, with support by the Regional Arts Commission.  

Gallery 210, part of the University of Missouri-St. Louis, has garnered a reputation both regionally and nationally for the presentation of advanced visual art.  In their lithograph exhibition entitled, Gallery 210 Portfolio, eight noted international, national and regional artists are on display.  Published by Gallery 210 between 1999 and 2002, the prints are by artists who were featured in the gallery’s exhibition program.  The collection features mostly abstract pieces, with subjects ranging from florals to figures.  

Featured works are: Sam Gilliam, Ben II;  Kit Keith, Untitled;  Michael Piazza, Natural Bridge Road;  James Surls, Hand in Blue;  James Surls, Sun Flower;  Clarence Morgan, A Cogitative Translation; Michiko Itatani, Proving Field;  John Dilg, Phoenix;  Ron Fondaw, Wheel O’ Fire.   

Gallery 210 Portfolio is on display in Terminal 2, near gate E14 in Concourse E through October 14, 2017.

WORK/PLAY is an interdisciplinary husband and wife design duo based in St. Louis.  Danielle and Kevin McCoy investigate concepts of perpetuity as it pertains to spiritual divinity in their exhibition On&On Series, Pt. 2.   Four artistic symbols representing Astral Travel, Enlightenment, Intuition, and Cosmos were printed onto denim.  The manipulated patterns serve as a backdrop to showcase an assortment of simplified motifs to symbolize the infinite cycles found in life, spirituality, and esotericism.  On&On Series, Pt. 2. is on display in Terminal 2, near gate E18 in Concourse E through October 14, 2017. 

The third new exhibition introduces a flood of color in greeting travelers entering and exiting the A Concourse with two large-scale abstract paintings by St. Louis artist, Michael Hoffman.  Confluence 1 and Confluence 2  feature mesmerizing lines in seemingly every color of the rainbow.  What initially appears to be uniform stripes becomes more complex upon closer inspection. The stripes are created through a combination of brushwork, taping, pouring and drips. Hoffman uses a variety of translucent and opaque oil paints to create contrast and depth, and the panel is treated with a plaster mixture to add to the overall volume and texture.   Confluence 1 and Confluence 2 will be on display in Terminal 1 through October 10, 2017. 

In 2016 the Lambert Art and Culture Program executed 12 rotating art exhibitions, in addition to the Airport’s permanent art collection. For the latest art installations, and to learn more about the Program, please visit