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Art Travels: STL Photo of the Week

Posted on December 28, 2018 in

A passenger snaps a photo of Solomon Thurman’s exhibition in Terminal 2, “Perch Here Between Flights.”

Art welcomes. Art inspires. And Art travels. Art at the Airport has the ability to move people without moving an inch. We captured a passenger snapping a picture of Solomon Thurman’s exhibition, “Perch Here Between Flights,” this week in Terminal 2 near gate E14. She’s taking home a memory or a moment inspired by Thurman’s series of bird houses. This is a sight we see often. Our exhibits are constantly photographed by unexpected admirers who are flying in or flying out. They share those images with friends and family or even strangers- who link up in countless ways through social media channels. We have a lot to share when it comes to art. St. Louis artists are part of six new exhibitions that made their debut at the Airport in the last two months. In all, there are 28 temporary, permanent or loaned works in the Lambert Art & Culture Program. Next time you travel, take in the new sights. Take some pics. Share. Because art travels.