Sunrise Getaway: STL Photo of the Week

Posted on November 23, 2018 in Photos

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest “getaway” day for holiday travelers - and it starts early. Before sunrise, the skies over St. Louis were already busy with flights full of holiday travelers crisscrossing the country to meet up with family and friends for Thanksgiving. And there were plenty of planes waiting to make their way to the skies at St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL). More than 22,000 travelers were predicted to check-in at STL on Nov 21, marking the second busiest day of travel over a 10-day period before and after the holiday. The biggest day is still yet to come. Sunday, more than 24,000 passengers will check-in for flights departing from St. Louis. There are even more passengers connecting through St. Louis on that day to make their way back home and wrap up the big holiday travel period. STL is predicting an four percent increase in passengers for the holiday - or more than 8,000 additional passengers taking to the skies versus one year ago.