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Art Wheels: Lambert Photo of the Week

Posted on March 08, 2019 in Photos

Maryanne Simmons, Founder of Wildwood Press, and Dwyer Brown roll out framed prints that were from the Mark Making exhibition in Terminal 2.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport needs lots of wheels to cover the miles of space between its two terminals and three concourses. Some of those wheels are dedicated to helping us showcase the best of St. Louis’ artists and their art. This week, the wheels were turning once again in the outbound direction as Maryanne Simmons, founder of Wildwood Press, led a crew to remove her exhibition of fine art prints titled Mark Making. The works of Yizhak Elyashiv, Casey Rae, and Jerald Ieans were rolled into Terminal 2 nearly 15 months ago for display between gates E33 and E34. That means they were part of welcoming or sending-off thousands of passengers each week. Every six months or so, we get our wheels a turnin’ to roll-in a series of new exhibitions to add local flavor, color or cultural inspiration for our passengers, visitors and employees. Wildwood Press made its mark here. Artist Cheryl Wassenaar is on-deck to follow at that location in less than a week. Check out the latest temporary exhibitions at