Snow Force: STL Photo of the Week

Posted on January 14, 2019 in Photos

An American Airlines flight lands at STL on Jan 11, 2019 while STL’s newest airfield snow response vehicle, the XRS, clears the adjacent runway.

A forceful storm demands a fierce “Snow Force.” STL’s “Snow Force” was activated just before midday Friday with the storm "Gia" already bearing down on most of Missouri and heading for St. Louis with a forecast of up to 12” of snow in some parts of the area. At St. Louis Lambert International Airport, the “Snow Force” is made of hundreds of airport and partner personnel along with dozens snow attack vehicles, with plows, brooms, snow blowers and de-icing equipment. Most of those functions are now built into a single machine, like STL’s newest vehicle, the XRS. It can plow, blow and sweep snow up to 20 ft. wide in a single pass. As many as 10  airfield combo units will work in unison to clear a runway and make it safer for aircraft to continue operations through the winter storm. The storm hit in a couple of waves through Sunday with teams activated until early Monday to clean up all that the storm left behind.