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STL Unveils New Charging Lounges and Power Bars in Terminal 1

Posted on April 25, 2019 in Media Releases

There’s now more ways to rest and get connected at St. Louis Lambert International Airport. The Airport has unveiled four new charging lounges featuring modern, modular lounge chairs and work stations in the concourses and pre-security areas of Terminal 1.

The new seating venues offer between 4 and 20 modern, durable upholstered lounge chairs that are linked to occasional tables in various configurations. Each chair is outfitted with easily accessible built-in power outlets so passengers and visitors can charge up or stay connected on their phones and personal devices. The lounge chairs are made with sleek, red or gray upholstery and modern wood-tone accents. Two of the lounges also feature standing and ADA compliant Power Bars, which are working desks that also offer in-line power outlets.

“We saw an opportunity to offer some premium, lounge-type seating in the concourses and in some more tranquil terminal locations for our guests to relax, while also serving up the biggest demand from our customers- access to charge up,” said STL Director Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge. “We have no doubt that these lounges will be in high demand – like little oases, they are located near gates or just off to the side of the busy traveler pathways in the Airport.”

The four lounges are located near Gate A9 (seating up to 20, plus Power Bar work areas), near Gate C9 (seating up to 8, plus Power Bar work areas), C Concourse entrance beyond security (seating up to 4), and Terminal 1 near the entrance to the A Concourse checkpoint (seating up to 8).

The new lounges were manufactured by Agati from its Airport Furniture line. The new seating venues also complement previously installed modern, red upholstered sectional seating located in several areas on the Terminal 1 Ticketing Level.

Stl T1 Lounge 6X4X300Pxi
Stl A9 Lounge W Passengers 6X4 150Pxi Hz
Stl C Entrance Lounge 6X4X150Pxi
Stl C9 Power Bar Lounge 6X4X300 Pxi
Stl A9 Lounge 4X6X150 Vertical