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The Down Escalator at the T1 Metrolink Station is closed through Friday, August 12, for needed repairs. The T1 Metrolink Elevator will remain operational during this outage. 

Inspection of MetroLink Alignment at STL Continues

Posted on November 14, 2021 in Media Releases

T1 Ramps are narrowed during stages 10 and 11 work

ST. LOUIS, MO (November 14, 2021): Starting Monday morning, Metro Transit will begin stages 10 and 11 of the elevated MetroLink tracks that run just east of STL’s T2 to STL’s Terminal One (T1). These two stages will require the T1 Arrivals ramp to be narrowed. This work is part of Metro Transit’s biennial inspection, which is a 12 stage process. 

Stage ten commences at 7 a.m. During stage 10, the T1 Arrivals ramp will be narrowed to a minimum of 10 feet to allow the left side of the lane to be closed. When work shifts to stage 11, the T1 Arrivals ramp will once again be narrowed to a minimum of 10 feet to allow the right side of the lane to be closed (see the accompanying diagram for the traffic control plans). Work on stage 11 is scheduled to be finished Monday, November 15 by 2:30 p.m.

As the inspection moves to other sections of the MetroLink tracks, the public can expect other various lane closures as well as rerouting of traffic. Announcements by STL will be made prior to any traffic pattern changes. This MetroLink project is now scheduled to be completed on November 20.


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