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STL mural is daily reminder of the importance of Black History Month

Posted on January 29, 2021 in Media Releases

Black Americans in Flight’s STL social media posts showcase aviation heroes

ST. LOUIS (January 29, 2021): Monday, February 1, 2021, marks the 45th year that the federal government has officially recognized Black History Month. For thirty of those years, St. Louis Lambert International Airport’s (STL) historic Black Americans in Flight mural has been a daily reminder of the courageous African-American men and women who integrated aviation. For the past several months, STL has been highlighting these heroes with social media posts on various days that allow it to focus on individual African-Americans who made significant contributions to U.S. aviation.

This Black History Month, on various days, STL will feature at least 10 individuals portrayed in the Black Americans in Flight mural with social media posts. They include:

  • The first African-American commercial pilot
  • Several Tuskegee Airmen, two who called St. Louis home
  • The U.S. Marine Corps’ first African-American combat pilot
  • Two NASA trailblazers 

The Black Americans in Flight mural is a historic piece of art located in Terminal One (T1) at STL. It’s the magnum opus of St. Louis artists Spencer Taylor and Solomon Thurman. The five panel mural is eight feet in height and runs 51 feet in length. The artwork pays tribute to African-American achievements in aviation from 1917 onward. The historic mural includes 75 portraits, 18 aircrafts, five unit patches and one spacecraft.

In 2014, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch named it The Best Mural in the newspaper’s The Go! List for that year. Critic Calvin Wilson called the mural, “An affirmation that heroes come in all colors.

All the panels of the Black Americans in Flight mural are also available online at:

For more information, contact:
Roger Lotz 314-426-8125 or (m) 314-795-2235