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Noise Program

St. Louis Lambert International Airport serves the traveling public and is mindful of being a good neighbor to nearby communities.  The mission of the Airport Noise Compatibility Program is to address ways to reduce current and future noise levels on communities surrounding the airport.

The program focuses on three focus areas: noise abatement, land use planning and program management. Noise abatement measures include approved departure routes of aircraft and time restrictions on various aircraft operations and movements.  Land use planning includes the Airport’s efforts to work with local jurisdictions to ensure optimal development can occur that is compatible with airport and aircraft operations. Program management measures include Lambert’s aircraft monitoring system and outreach programs with area communities.

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Noise Complaint Hot Line:

Airport Noise Management Department
St. Louis Lambert International Airport
11495 Navaid Road, 4th Floor
Bridgeton, MO 63044
(314) 551-5013 (fax)