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STL to Expand Passenger Drop-off Capacity at Terminal 2

Posted on October 21, 2019 in Media Releases

Stl T2 Angled Pull Through Passenger Drop Off
Construction begins October 23 to reconfigure the passenger drop-off parking spaces and lanes at Terminal 2.
Stl T2 Angled Pull Through Passenger Drop Off 2
Construction begins October 23 to reconfigure the passenger drop-off parking spaces and lanes at Terminal 2.
T2 Departures Drive Oct 2019
The new layout of vehicle lanes and passenger drop-off lanes at Terminal 2.

St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) will begin a project Wednesday, October 23 to double the passenger drop-off capacity at Terminal 2.  The project will convert STL’s current angled, pull-thru spots in favor of a parallel lane system, which is more commonly used at airports. 

“This project is one of many that we are focused on now to manage the increasing amounts of traffic volume at Terminal 2,” said STL Director, Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge. “The conversion to a traditional style traffic pattern should improve the drop-off times for passengers, as it will double the amount of space for vehicles, as well as reduce the amount of vehicles that typically wait for spots during peak travel times.”

The conversion to a parallel lane drop-off traffic pattern will accommodate about 40 vehicles, versus the 19 angle parking spots in the current layout.  The new layout will also provide two ADA-compliant drop-off zones.  Terminal 2 primarily serves Southwest Airlines, which is STL’s largest airline. More than 4.7 million passengers departed from Terminal 2 in 2018, a 23 percent increase from 2016, when the facility handled 3.8 million departing passengers. 

The parking and roadway improvements are only designed for Terminal 2. Terminal 1 will not be impacted and will continue to utilize the angled, drive-thru system.

The project will take less than a month but will require demolition of several concrete islands. Much of the work will be done in the evenings, to reduce the impact on passengers and motorists. The Airport will widen and enhance sidewalks at Terminal 2 departures area prior to restriping the roadway. The T2 Departures Drive will then have four parallel lanes. The two north lanes, closest to the terminal, will be dedicated for passenger drop-offs from both personal vehicles and commercial shuttles. The two south lanes will be used as thru lanes, with designated entries into the drop-off area.

Another Terminal 2 traffic project will be completed later this week. The Airport is extending the two eastbound turn lanes into Terminal 2 on Lambert International Boulevard. That project will give motorists and shuttle drivers an additional 14 spaces in the turn lanes, to reduce stacking for vehicles going east onto Interstate 70.