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CLEAR Opens Secure Identity Lanes at STL Airport

Posted on February 24, 2020 in Media Releases

CLEAR has opened operations at St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL) to offer trusted, expedited passage for passengers through the ID verification process at the checkpoints. CLEAR uses biometrics - your eyes and fingertips - to confirm it’s really you and replaces the need to use traditional identification documents prior to air travel. 

CLEAR is providing St. Louis area travelers with a seamless experience beginning with lanes that opened Monday, February 24 at Terminal 2. CLEAR will open lanes at the Concourse A and C checkpoints by early March.

“We’re proud to welcome CLEAR to St. Louis and bring the same safe and easy travel experience millions across the U.S. are already enjoying,” said Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, STL Director.  “CLEAR has been one of top requested services from our passengers and customers. It will also improve the experience for all our visiting passengers who are already CLEAR members.”

Travelers can begin the enrollment process online and complete it with the help of a CLEAR Ambassador in just a few easy steps at a pod near the airport checkpoints.  

“We believe in being good and constant partners with the local community, which is why we have hired over 50 new CLEAR team members from the greater St. Louis area to bring a customer-first approach to our efforts,” said Gina Bruzzichesi, CLEAR’s EVP of Operations. “CLEAR’s commitment to our local partners and the people who live, work and travel here is core to the work we do.”

CLEAR is an opt-in membership service that does not share or sell member’s biometric information. The rigorously tested and U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS) certified CLEAR identification technology relies upon double-encrypted biometric data. 

CLEAR membership costs $179 per year with discounts available for select rewards programs, including Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Express, and Hertz. Family Plans are also available for an additional $50 per adult per year. Children under 18 do not need to be added to your Family Plan and can join for free.