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Airport Layout Plan Update and Master Plan - Key Definitions

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC): Advisory committee is comprised of several individuals representing organizations with key interests in the Airport, as summarized below.  These individuals participated in the analyses of operational and technical content presented in the Airport Layout Plan Update/Master Plan (ALP Update/MP) Study.

• Regulatory Agencies:
       Federal Aviation Administration

• Airport tenants & Airlines:
       Passenger Airlines
       Cargo Airlines
       Ground Services Providers
       General Aviation
       Rental Car Operators
       The Boeing Company

• State/Local/Community Representative Organizations:
       St. Louis Airport Authority
       Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)
       St. Louis County
       City of St. Louis

• Economic Development Agencies:
       Bi-State Development
       East West Gateway Coordinating Council
       St. Louis Regional Business Council
       Greater St. Louis Inc. (merged with St. Louis Regional Growth Association & Civic Progress St. Louis)
       St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
       St. Louis Development Corporation

• WSP Team

Needs Assessment: The Update began with the Needs Assessment phase. An Inventory of Existing Conditions (airfield, terminals, roadways, parking, facilities, and more) and Aviation Activity Forecasts is being conducted. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reviewed the forecasts. Upon FAA approval of the forecasts, facility requirements are assessed, to inform on potential gaps and areas for improvements. A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is convened to review the needs assessment and forecasts and identify additional input needed for potential solutions. 

Evaluation of Potential Solutions: Improvement alternatives will be developed and evaluated by the STLAA and reviewed by the FAA and the Update’s TAC. A preferred option will be selected for each component (airfield, terminal, roads, parking, etc.). When combined the result will create a future Airport Development Plan.

Refinement of Plan: Once a preferred Airport Development Plan is selected, environmental and financial analyses will ensure the plan is implementable and affordable. This phase of the Update is tentatively planned for early 2022.

Document Assembly: Finally, the Update's findings will be documented in a final report, which will present the 20-year vision and identify short- and long-term improvements.  It is anticipated this will be completed by the Summer of 2022.

FAA Draft Submittal: The final report will be submitted to the FAA for their formal review and acceptance, culminating in an updated ALP Update/MP drawing set.  


If you have any questions or comments regarding the ALP Update/MP, please contact Dana Ryan, STL Airport Planning Manager, at  

Learn more about what was discussed at STL’s ALP Update/MP Airport Open House on May 5 by watching the presentation.