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Four Areas You Need to Know About Regarding STL's ALP Update/MP

Planning Overview:

  • St. Louis Lambert International Airport’s (STL) Airport Layout Plan Update/Master Plan (ALP Update/MP) serves as a critical planning tool that depicts both existing facilities and planned development for the airport.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration requires airports to update their ALP every eight to ten years. During the current ALP, it became clear that today’s facility will not compete with future travel demands. Thus, officials started thinking about a terminal master plan.
  • Our current terminals are cramped and congested with outdated gates and limited concession space.
  • The ALP Update/MP will allow STL to make informed decisions on potential development and be in the best possible position to address the ongoing needs of passengers.
  • At STL, this exercise is being used as a guide in reviewing existing and future terminals along with airside and landside improvements to accommodate future passenger and air traffic needs through 2040. 

Preliminary Plan:

  • 22 different concepts were analyzed before arriving at the current preliminary plan, which calls for a single consolidated linear terminal with 62 gates that would keep STL’s current historic domes.
  • The new terminal would have modern amenities such as moving walkways and more concourse space, all of which will be able to handle the projected increased demand for air travel as well as current and future aircraft. The new concourse will also be nearly 60% larger in concession space, offering the traveler more options for dining and retail. A new larger parking garage is proposed in front of the new terminal.
  • STL and MODOT are beginning work to address and improve accessibility to the Airport.  Improvements will focus on safety, capacity and improved directions to minimize traffic weaving while increasing driver decision times. Several ideas for access were developed in the ALP Update/MP based on public and community input.  Continued planning for access improvements will occur later this year. Public input will be integral during this process.  The plan will maintain MetroLink access to the two existing Airport stations.  Pedestrian and bicycle access will also be enhanced.   
  • STL’s plan is preliminary, and several steps must be taken before anything is finalized and construction can begin, including engineering, an environmental analysis, airline negotiations, financing, and architectural design. Thus, any construction on approved projects would not begin for at least three to four years from now. Construction would take an estimated four to five years to complete after that. 
  • Building one modernized terminal will streamline operations and improve efficiency. Roadway access to the airport needs to be addressed as well to adequately meet future needs.


  • In terms of funding, no general City or local tax dollars will be required. The airport funds its own operation entirely with aviation-generated funds and the same is true for our ongoing and future capital improvement projects.
  • Funding sources for a proposed single-terminal project would include, but not be limited to airport revenue bonds, landing fees, parking fees, concession revenues, and rents.
  • We are still gathering stakeholder input and making refinements before we develop official cost estimates.
  • Looking at other new terminal programs at medium sized airports (like Kansas City International, New Orleans International, and William P. Hobby in Houston), the cost range at these facilities is $40-45M per gate and our plan includes 62 gates. 

Public Engagement:

  • From the beginning of the ALP process there has been public engagement including 3 public surveys. 
  • At the start of our planning effort, we formed a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) with broad business, economic development, and community organization representation. We have discussed progress and ideas with them three times to date.
  • The website keeps updated information on the ALP in the ALP Update/MP section and will continue to offer the opportunity for public input at any time.
  • We have also briefed the Airport Advisory Commission since the beginning of this process and will continue to do so. The commission meetings are open to the public.
  • A public open house will be held on Thursday, May 5 from 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at the airport, Terminal 1, Concourse B. The public can stop by anytime but there will be a presentation at 4:45 p.m. and repeated and 5:45 p.m. Parking will be validated. Another community open house will be held in the fall as part of the Environmental Review process.
  • A draft ALP Update/MP will be submitted to the FAA in the summer of 2022. 

These two slides are the preferred terminal and landside alternatives as presented to STL’s Airport Commission on Jan 5, 2022.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the ALP Update/MP, please contact Dana Ryan, STL Airport Planning Manager, at  

Learn more about what was discussed at STL’s ALP Update/MP Airport Open House on May 5 by watching the presentation.