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STL Seeing an Uptick in Confiscation of a Specific Prohibited Device

Posted on November 25, 2020 in Media Releases

So Called “Cat Eyes” Are Illegal In St. Louis County

ST. LOUIS (November 25, 2020): With a significant travel period upon us, we have a reminder for those flying out or into St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL). Travelers that carry a device that many call “cat eyes,” will lose the item when going through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint and may face legal action. TSA considers cat eyes a prohibited item, but for the individual carrying the device it also leads to a concealed weapons summons based on County Ordinance.

STL has seen a rise of travelers with such a device on their key chains or simply carrying the device in their pockets. Most often, when these same travelers empty their pockets at the security checkpoints, TSA collects the item from the passenger.

However, in St. Louis County, when an individual has a cat eyes device and places it in their pocket or luggage, it is also considered a concealed weapon. So, when TSA detects the item, STL Police are contacted. This leads to the passenger being removed from the security line, taken to the Airport Police Station and the passenger may be prosecuted under State statute or St. Louis County Ordinance.

So, if you are flying over the upcoming holidays and you want a smooth trek through TSA security, as well as no additional time spent with the Airport Police, keep the cat eyes at home.


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